Top 7 Pubs and Bars in Ludhiana to Go For Hard Drinks

Ludhiana is the most popular city in the state of Punjab and if it is one thing synonymous with Punjabis then it is definitely their affection towards alcohol. Naturally there a lot of pubs and bars in Ludhiana which cater to the needs of the large population.

While there are a few ones which are too sophisticated for your taste and some which are just downright cheap, so we at Chandigarh Metro though of compiling a list of the best bars and pubs in Ludhiana with information that will keep you covered.

Best Pubs and Bars in Ludhiana

The Brew Estate

Thinking to go for for a drink. Nothing can beat the taste, aura and the excitement at The Brew Estate in Satabha Nagar, Ludhiana. One of the most amazing places to hang out in Ludhiana, TBE buzzes with activity throughout the day. This is such a great place to have a beer that you’ll mesmerize your visit and thank us for letting you know. Check out their various flavours. You can also ask them to for a taste round and then decide which one you want to have before placing your order. The food is also yummy. Try their chicken wings.

Address: Malhar Cinema Rd, F-Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana.

Contact: 09888788887.

The Beer Cafe

One of the most popular names in the country for beer lovers, the Beer Cafe is indeed one of the best bar in Ludhiana city. It boasts of an extensive variety of more than fifty beers both imported and Indian which cater to the large population with affection towards beer. Having chains in bigger cities like Mumbai, Pune and even Chandigarh for that matter, it was only a matter of time that this pub is now in Ludhiana as well.

Address: R-3, 4th floor, Pavillion Mall, Fountain Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 0161 466 0067

The Brewmaster, Ludhiana

One of the very first bars in Ludhiana city, the Brewmaster is located on the third floor of the West End Mall on Ferozepur Road. More of a family place, Brewmaster has a perfect blend of food and alcohol which falls easily in the customers pocket. The ambience is just about perfect and lifts up the entire feel of the place. Go in for their Chicken Kebabs and specially brewed in-house Beers.

Address: 3rd Floor, West End Mall, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 090234 60568

Fahrenheit The Lounge

A very popular name on the list among the younger generation, Fahrenheit is one of the leading bars and pubs in Ludhiana city. Besides the perfect and easily accessible location, what fetches the crowd in huge numbers is the line up which consists of Punjabi and Bollywood artists who keep the crowd entertained. Apart from that, the food and bar menu at this place is pitch perfect and none of the dishes on the menu hit a false note.

Address: Sco 16-17, Basement, Green Park Avenue, Pakhowal Road, Near Nehru Sidhant Kender, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 078377 71000

Las Vegas ǀǀ, Ludhiana

Las Vegas 2 has been the beloved place of the students of the Punjab Agricultural University since it is located in the same vicinity. It ensures that whenever you need a good place to catch up with your friends you don’t have to travel any far in the huge traffic jams of Ludhiana. This place is affordable and a pint of beer costs as low as 150 Rupees. Go in for their delicious starters and Kebabs that come at unbeatable prices.

Address: DMC Road, New Prem Nagar, Civil Lines, Near Rose Garden, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 085590 00016

PK Tunn – Bar in Ludhiana

If we had an award for the best name of the bar in Ludhiana we had ever heard, we would give it straight to PK Tunn hands down. There is something called right marketing and the team understands that. The title just straight out tells you that you don’t go to PK Tunn to get a few drinks, you go here to get drunk instead. Keeping in line with the title itself, this place has an extensive bar menu which is also easy on the pocket. You can get a deal for this place almost any time of the year for availing huge discounts. Although, the place is quite affordable with a luncha and dinner buffet ranging between 500-750 Rupees.

Address: 745/D-2, Kabir Complex, 8, Pakhowal Road, St Ishar Singh Nagar, South Model Gram, Ludhiana.

Contact: 0161 466 2323

Peddlers, Ludhiana

One of the very famous chains of North India, Peddlers has enjoyed the status of being the most popular outlet in cities like Chandigarh for a long time. The success was repeated in cities like Amritsar, Jalandhar and then Ludhiana. The name Peddlers comes with a legacy along and that has been pretty successful in competing with the other pubs and bars in Ludhiana. The live music remains the highlight of a Peddlers Pub and Bar in any of the cities which is honestly unmatched by the rest of the competition. The likes of Sagar Bhatia, Gurnazar and Hari Sukhmani owe their success to this very chain.

Address: Ferozpur Rd, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 070870 87868

The Upper House

A newer name on the list, Upper House has taken the young generation of Ludhiana by storm. It is a very popular place among the best of DJs who have been spinning some pretty serious EDM music on the weekends. The bar menu consists of the handpicked imported and IMFL drinks which won’t let you down. This Ludhiana based pub and bar offers a rooftop experience where you can dance the night away with a couple of drinks. FBC in south city tries to do something similar with a restaurant at the rooftop.

Address: Plot No: 5, Pakhowal Road, New Lajpat Nagar, Model Gram, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact: 083319 00001

Before you go out and try a new bar or pub in Ludhiana all by yourself we just compiled a list of the best ones in town for you to keep you covered. These are downright the most popular places to grab a drink with your friends after a hard day at work. While some of the abovementioned names are famous for the ambience and locations, other have garnered some fan love from the Ludhiana residents for the kind of cocktails on offer.

The list does not feel complete without some honourable mentions though. We have to give a mention to the J7 Bar and Restaurant who sees massive footfall due to the cocktails and food on offer. Another popular name is the Gallery Bar located in the Hyatt Regency on Ferozepur Road which might not be the choice of every person due to the expensive prices but still offers an extensive bar menu. Hotel Green’s Bar and Restaurant brings the list to a conclusion with its affordable prices and delicious food offerings especially when it comes to the main course.


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