Punjab 1984 Sikh Riots Dubbed As ‘’Genocide’’ By Onatio Government, India Disapproves

Punjab | Relationships between India and Canada took an irascible turn on Thursday when the Ontario Legislative Assembly gave a nod to a motion that described the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots as “genocide”. Our nation’s Capital was taken aback by this blow and was in utter dismissal which was expressed by the Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Gopal Baglay said “We reject this misguided motion which is based on a limited understanding of India, its constitution, society, ethos, rule of law and the judicial process have been conveyed to the government and political leadership in Canada”.

Person behind the motion

Harinder Malhi the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) who also concerns the ruling Liberal Party of Ontario passed this motion after a long discourse and about 34MPPs voted in favour and 5 against of it. Harinder Malhi who showed her strong belief in the religious foundation of Sikhism and its teachings said that “a detailed guidance is given in the holy text of Sikhs to its followers on how to conduct their lives so that peace and salvation can be obtained”. She further added that “many Human Rights Organizations has recognized 1984 riots was a series of act of genocide directed against Sikhs in India that had affected Sikhs in India and around the world”.

The motion has been passed under the jurisdiction of India’s Consul General in Toronto Dinesh Bhatia, who did all the efforts to avoid this occurrence.

Malhi in the introduction of the motion said “condemn all forms of communal violence, hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance in India and anywhere else in the world, including the 1984 Genocide perpetrated against the Sikhs throughout India, and call on all sides to embrace truth, justice and reconciliation.”

The Effect

The Justice’s Director of International Policy Jatinder Singh Grewal has appreciated the efforts of Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liberal MPP Harinder Mahli for understanding the events real unfoldings. Similarly, Mukhbir Singh, president of the World Sikh Organisation, said that “Recognizing the state-sponsored violence that targeted Sikhs across India in 1984 is an important and historic step towards justice, accountability and reconciliation which we hope will be an example to other governments.”

In the end

While some are in the favour of this motion others are trying to blame the people behind it and are believing that this might damage the bilateral relations between India and Canada. Not only that people are also criticising The Prime Minister and the Member of the Liberal Party of Canada for being a part it as well. Let’s all just hope for peace and wellness for the people of both the nations.

Image: Reuters

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