Punjab Board 12th Class Result 2017 Pass Percentage Breaks Last 3 Years Record

Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) Class 12th board exams result of 2017 are out and sadly the pass percentage marked its lowest dip in three years this year in 2017. As compared to what the statistics showed last year, this year’s class 12th board exam results in 2017 saw a drastic dip of approximately 14% which is quite sad in the first place. The Punjab Board results’ declination has shaken the authorities and has raised questions on the format the way the education system functions. The way knowledge is imparted to young kids in the Punjab area can be corroborated from the fact of declination graph of the result in the year 2017 of Punjab board class 12th results.

PSEB’s 2017 results, Lowest pass percentage witnessed

Punjab Board results of Class XII in the year 2017 have shaken the school authorities and the entire board itself. On one hand we see Ludhiana kids especially girls topping the charts by outshining all the boys but on the other hand an overall pass percentage declination was witnessed. In the year 2016, the pass percentage of all the students had its mark touching 76.77% while this year’s mark saw a decline by a whopping 14% making it touch the mark of 62.36%, as low as one could imagine in a class 12th board exam result of a state like Punjab this year.

Numbers Numb Us

The numbers simply put up a question mark in the functioning and working of the authorities and education system of the state which is responsible for taking care and imparting knowledge to the future citizens of the state. Here’s what they say.

  • A total of approximately 3 lac students appeared to take the Punjab Board class 12th exam in 2017
  • An exact figure of 36376 students flunked the examination without even making up to a meagre level of crossing pass percentage
  • Number of students who have got compartment this year is 62916 out of total 3 lac
  • On the other had, candidates who have re-appear in the exam are 18822 out of the total
  • 380 students are still juggling with their fates still withheld in the hands of Punjab Board
  • Pass percentage of girl students reached a mark of 72.59 % far ahead of what boys showed
  • While the pass percentage depicted by boys reached a mark only above fifty percent of 54.42%
  • 37% candidates failed the exam either by getting re-appear or compartment in the results of 2017

As compared to last years data, the numbers surely raise a question on the concerned authorities and institutions responsible for the education system. Such a declination by a whopping amount doesn’t go well with what the common man looks at. With its capital Chandigarh titles as “Education City”, Punjab as a state needs to buck itself up to justify what its capital does.

All we hope is the statistics do not fall further and there’s always a room for improvement. Authorities like PSEB to take up the matter seriously and works towards the common goal of societal development.

Source : TOI

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