Punjab | 22-year Old Bride Calls Off Marriage on Wedding Day as Groom Fails Dope Test

Punjab’s drug menace has broken ties of many. In a recent commendable action taken by a bride from Punjab who called her wedding off on the day of wedding when she found out that the groom was a drug addict has shaken many off from their complacency.

The action and swiftness in decision making done by the bride is worth applause.Coming from Punjab, she chose to break all odds and prioritised her personal happiness quotient over societal norms and simply ruled out marriage from her cards on Sunday in Gurdaspur near Amritsar in Punjab.

Why the Wedding was called off ?

The bride Sunita Singh hailing from Dinanagar, Gurdaspur refused to marry the groom Jaspreet Singh belonging to Khanpur near Mukerian, Punjab as the groom arrived in an intoxicated state at the holy place where ceremony had to be conducted at Gurdwara Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  The news broke all the records when the bride-to-be on her wedding day all decked up to enter into a new world of her life decided to step back from the ceremony. On finding out that the groom who arrived at the wedding in an inebriated state was a drug addict, no second thoughts crossed her mind and she knew what she wanted her future life to be like.

What happened at the Wedding ?

  • The groom Jaspreet Singh arrived at the gurudwara in an intoxicated state
  • The groom when got out of the car could not maintain his gait balance under the effect of intoxication
  • His abnormal behaviour even while he could barely walk was quite evident at the venue
  • Before they could proceed further for the ceremony, the bride demanded truth to be out
  • Groom’s family tried to mislead that Jaspreet had an injury in his leg by virtue of which he faltered
  • Sunita suspected him to be a drug addict and demanded a medical examination
  • Community Health Centre (CHC) had insufficient equipments to conduct the test
  • Sunita stood firm still and forced a test at a private clinic near Gurdaspur, Punjab
  • Dope Test results appeared positive and Sunita knew she could not marry the groom
  • The matter was reported at a nearest police station
  • Families accepted her decision and gold rings were sent back

What Sunita’s Father had to say?

Proud of her daughter as one could see it in his eyes, Sunita’s father who is truck driver by profession respected her decision with all humility. All he wants is his daughter Sunita who has done studies till matriculation to be happy in life. Though his father knew Jaspreet from a long time and fixed the wedding, but now he agrees with what his daughter decided. If she chooses not to marry a person on logical grounds, all he has for Sunita is his blessings for her.

Director, Red Cross De-addiction Centre of the region also felicitated Sunita’s move and encouraged other women to follow her footsteps to stand for their rights. Setting as an example for other young girls to follow, the bride from Punjab has done a commendable job.

The 22-year old young girl from Punjab took the nation by storm with her one move towards the right direction. We salute her courage and enthusiasm and wish she finds her prince charming from Punjab, who ain’t a drug addict !!!

Source : HT

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