Punjab Decides to Close Over 800 Government Schools in the State

The Punjab Education Department decides to close down 800 government schools across the state that has the strength of fewer than 20 students. The Punjab Education Department has also planned to merge all such schools with other government primary schools within the proximity of one kilometer.

Not only will this, but over 1100 teachers also get deployed across all the Punjab government primary schools to enhance the quality of education amongst students. In fact, the closing down of 800 Punjab government primary schools is done with the intent of creating the best education environment for students, teachers as well as for other staff at a better place.

Punjab decides to close 800 government primary schools

The Punjab government is focusing on closing down only those 800 primary schools that witnesses less than 20 students on the daily basis. Instead, the Punjab Education Department plans to merge all such low attendance primary schools with the ones that nearby them within the ambit of 1 km. The merger of Punjab- based government primary schools will also abide by the national policy of the running school, which is closer to the students’ residence.

Low number of students in Punjab government primary schools

Out of the 800 government primary schools of Punjab, 47 schools are in such a bad shape in terms of students’ strength. There are hardly 5 or less than five students in 47 schools. While there are 15 such schools out of 800 that has as less as three students. In such a situation, the merging of schools will be the best idea to keep the Punjab government primary schools working with the students across the state. This will not only encourage the students to come to schools as well as motivate teachers to teach students well.

As per the guidelines of the Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh and the Punjab Education Minister Aruna Choudhary the closing down of 800 government primary schools due to less strength of students will help in elevating the education quality across Punjab state. The merger of government primary schools with other constructed within 1 km will further strengthen the primary education structure.

However, the Punjab government has sanctioned a special budget to strengthen the infrastructure of all the primary schools across the state. The Punjab Education Department is also planning to start teaching students in English medium (optional) from the first grade in 400 schools after closing down of 800 Punjab located schools.



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