In Punjab, You Can Now Dial 100 For All Type of Complaints

The Punjab Government is working towards making the lives of people living in the state a bit more easier. The state government has recently decided to X-out all the complaint and emergency numbers and only have one single number instead and that is “100”. With having different numbers for different complaints the Punjab Police faced a lot of issues and considered it a waste of time. The state police feels that with having one single emergency number the financial burden will decrease.

The single 100 number could be dialed for any and all complaints including rural complaints, local crimes. The new announcement was made by the Punjab’s Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal while conveying budget at the Vidhaan Sabha.

Punjab – One Emergency Number “100”

The advantages of having one single emergency number in the state of Punjab where mishaps occur quite frequently are many. It will not only will it reduce the burden on the Police but also of the civilians. The Punjab Government will administer Rs 10 crore to make the new changes in the helpline department of the local police. The resource constraints of the state police will get substantially low. With the integrated response system, the police would be able to provide help to the victims and complainants as quickly as possible in a short time.

The Existing Helpline Numbers 

The Punjab government will soon stop operating many of the already existing helpline numbers by replacing it with the sole number “100”. Right now the Punjab Police’s helpline number is 181 which was promoted by the Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta and will also get deactivated by the department. The numbers that will cease to operate along with 181 includes:

  • Women Helpline Number – 1091
  • Disaster Relief No. – 1097
  • Children Helpline No – 1091
  • Fire Department – 101
  • Medical & Health Helpline – 108

At the time of emergencies remembering helpline numbers becomes difficult for a person. But with one single helpline number one doesn’t have to worry about looking for different numbers for different complaint departments, instead, all they have to do is dial one number and the police department takes care of the rest.

Source: TOI 

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