Punjab | 1,468 People Arrested Under Drug Abolition Measures

In Punjab, police has arrested a total of 1,468 people across Punjab in last four weeks right after the initiation of the abolition of the drugs and its mafia plan conducted under the government of the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

Almost 1,277 cases have been registered under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act). Punjab govt. is going strong against drug abuse in the state and wants to make Punjab drug free.

The Drug Clampdown in Punjab – Arrests and Its Effects

The arrests has been made with help of Special Task Forces(STF), composed by the government to fight the drug menace jeopardizing the health of youth in Punjab. The Special Task Force has so far succeeded in its given task as it has:

  • Obstructed trans-border and interstate-border supply lines of drugs
  • Registered 1,277 NDPS Act cases
  • Arrested 1,468 people

The cases registered and arrests undertaken have doubled since last year, told the STF chief Harpreet Singh Sandhu.

The STF along with various state police and intelligence agencies is making an multifaceted approach towards eradicating the drug trade in the state of Punjab.

“The measure has effectively blocked the exchange of all types of drugs in the state”, stated Sidhu. “The STF has been in action to end the drug menace from the beginning of April even before receiveing an official notification on the constitution and the terms of reference.”added Sidhu.

The Confiscated Drugs

An enormous amount of different types of drugs have been held from March 16 and April 14 by the STF and BSF seperately.

. 31.804 kg heroin, 24.4kg by BSF
. 1.527 kgs of smack
. 2.272 kgs of charas
. 81.99 kgs of opium, 0.065 by BSF
. 2812.5 kgs of poppy husk
. 169.223 kgs of ganja
. 14.8 kgs of bhang
. 34.911 kg of intoxicant powder
. 3,201 vials of injections
. 3,36,314 pills/capsules

Punjab Chief Minister’s Plan

The chief of STF has been told to go the way he thinks is right to tackle the anti-drugs operations by the Chief Minister Amarinder Singh.

Amarinder Singh is in search of the “Top Persons” of the drug mafias and has given directions to the STF to work accordingly. The STF and the Chief Minister are working together very closely and are looking forward to bring down quiet a number of drug dealers that have been under their knowledge for long.

STF chief travelled the state largely to gather important information and distribute among the district police to act in a synchronized way to bust the drug dealers. Following the clampdown other agencies are constraining drug availability as well. Due to which the rates of narcotics have skyrocketed and made the access to drugs difficult for the addicts.

To help the drug addicts effectively the STF is working forward to reshape its rehabilitation methods and make it even more compassionate.

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