Punjab to Provide Electricity at Rs 5 Per Unit to All

Punjab is now set to give its people a respite from the higher electricity charges. All the residential and commercial consumers of the Punjab State Corporation Limited (PSPCL) will receive power supply at the cost of Rs 5 per unit.

The Punjab Chief Minister, Capt. Amarinder Singh has issued a notice that electricity across Punjab will be sold at Rs 5 per unit, irrespective of any category the consumers fall into. To fulfill its promises made to the public during Punjab state assembly elections, Capt. Amarinder Singh’s government is slashing down the per unit charges of the electricity consumption across Punjab.

Where will Punjab buy cheap electricity from

The state government will now purchase electricity from private players. As per their talks with the private electricity providers, Mahindra and Reliance have shown interest in finalising the deal. Where Mahindra is quoting Rs 1.50 per unit, Reliance Power is quoting Rs 1.75 per unit. We will revisit all power purchase agreements and buy power at the cheapest rate possible.

About Punjab’ s electricity rates

  • Currently, PSPCL sells surplus power at Rs 3.40 per unit to the power grid
  • It later supplies the same power at Rs 8.60 per unit to the industries for commercial consumption.
  • The power tariff in Punjab varies across the categories of consumers that starts from Rs 5.53 per unit to Rs 8.60 per unit.
  • Punjab will now rank second for cheap power supply at Rs 5 per unit, after Himachal.

Though the Punjab Government has taken the best initiative to provide consumers with cheaper rates of electricity across the state, but nothing concrete has been done for the frequent power cuts in Punjab. The soaring temperature and hot -humid climate around the corner, people in Punjab will be able to very well fight with cheaper electricity rates but only when the supply of the same will be an interrupted one.

Source: The Tribune

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