Punjab Farmers Threaten To Burn Crop Remains as Govt. Has Not Waived off their Loans

Punjab farmers on Tuesday threatened to burn crop remains expressing their anger against Punjab authorities for not waiving off their impending loans. The farmers are also irked by the imposition of heavy fines by the authorities over the burning of crops.

The farmers are bound to pay a heavy fine of Rs 1,250/acre on burning the crop stubble even after getting warned.

The Whole Story

The Punjab Government promised the farmers that it will pay off all of their impending loans in the past. But the government seemingly failed to do so and this made the farmers disappointed and adding more their problems the Punjab authorities has now decided to put up a fine on crop residue burning.

The Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) General Sukhdev Singh Kokri has said that they have asked the Punjab Govt. to pay a compensation of Rs 2,000 per acre for not burning the crop remains, and if the officials will not adhere to that they will publicly burn crop residue on May 9 to show their protest.

The crop stubble management has its own cost which is very high and already stressed out farmers cannot afford it in any case therefore, they are left with no other option than burning it, Sukhdev Singh Kokri added.

Punjab Govt.’s Way Of Dealing The Problem

In order to discourage the farmers from burning the crop residues the Punjab Government has come up with a solution of flying squads.

The police will keep the fields under 24 hrs surveillance and if any farmer is found guilty of setting fire in his field would be charged with heavy fine.

The police have already registered 788 cases of residue burning last year and fined 226 farmers. And if compared to last year this year’s residue burning cases have gone down fairly.

Previously the Bhartiye Kisan Union criticised the Punjab Government for its plan gives power to Pakistan. The BKU later decided to ask for atleast 8 hrs of the uninterrupted power supply which was promised by the Congress party leaders during elections.

Source- IndiaToday

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