Punjab Farmers to Get Technical Tips From Israel Firm to Boost Crop Yield & Increase Income

To boost crop yield and to improve the farm income in Punjab, the Punjab government gave in-principle approval to a pilot project in the state. Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister, Punjab has approved the pilot project in the state  under the aegis of an Israel- based farming solutions provider – ARNA.

Why this project?

According to an official statement the project in Punjab is aimed at enhancing crop quality and yield. It is also aimed at facilitating crop diversification which would certainly support the farmers, thus increasing their proficiency to repay their debts.

Benefit of the project

Undertaken in collaboration with Israel- based ARNA the project would offer a State Digital Agriculture Platform, offering affordable technical know-how to farmers for to enhance the crop production and earnings.

Professional and analyzed consultation

With a database of all the farmers in Punjab ARNA would keep a through track of their agricultural activities. Study will be done on fertiliser usage, water and tissue analysis besides organizing timely soil tests. ARNA would also be providing a complete solution for balanced and most advantageous use of fertilisers by the farmers.

Crop Diversification

ARNA has also offered assistance to the farmers in crop diversification. It expressed its apprehensions over farmers’ dependence on selective crops. ARNA plans to provide technical support to farmers to encourage them shift towards horticulture, citrus, pulses, maize and vegetables etc.

First Taker

For undertaking the pilot project Punjab’s Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal has offered his Kinnow orchard farm. He has also offered to bear all the expenses involved for the endeavour.

Numerous most up-to-date farm practices and techniques are expected to materialize from this pilot project. The findings from this pilot project could be further amended and altered to enhance the yield before replicating the project in other parts of the state. This project will prove as a milestone for the farming community which would help them churn out immense profits from their crops.

Source = Economic Times, Image Source = Arun Jain


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