Punjab Government Offers Free Dialysis For All Patients in Govt. Hospitals

Refering to the rising number of dialysis cases in Punjab and the huge cost associated with the procedure, the Punjab Government has taken a significant decision to provide free dialysis service in the state in all Government Hospitals and Medical Colleges. This decision was put into action after the official announcement was made in the Assembly during the last day of the Budget, here in Chandigarh on June 27. As per news sources, Cabinet Minister for health in Punjab, Brahm Mohindra said that the patients could avail themselves of free dialysis service from the announcement day itself asserting that “This decision has come to force with immediate effect.”

Free Dialysis Facility in Punjab

This decision is being taken in good light and has rekindled hope in the hearts of people of Punjab with humble backgrounds. Where the government had been making tall statements in respect of health services, it is imperative that it is taking necessary steps to improve health and welfare of its people.

The state government of Punjab is committed to providing free health services to the needy and poor people of the state, free dialysis service will be available for all categories of kidney patients to all the citizens of Punjab.

How Much Does Dialysis Cost?

The costs estimated with the daily sessions are close to a whooping Rs 1 crore. These costs are estimated as per the number of sessions conducted in the previous financial year of 2016-2017 which sum up to a total of 11,596.

The cost of dialysis in Punjab earlier ranged from Rs.1,500 to 2000 in the private sector. With the recent announcement, it will come down to as low as Rs.1,000. Other than the usual charge, patients are required to incur additional expenses of Rs 1300-1500 on medicines and other requirements.
Where nephrologists suggest three dialyses to be conducted for every patient every week, most patients with kidney problems go for only two dialyses a week (which is the least required number) due to lack of convinient facility and burdening costs of the procedure.

Dialysis units are will operational in all 22 district hospitals of Punjab and three state-run medical colleges – Patiala, Amritsar and Faridkot.



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