Punjab and Haryana High Court (Chandigarh) to Add 6 Additional Judges for More Efficiency

Punjab and Haryana High Court (Chandigarh) has the vacancies for 37 judges till date and number is still assumed to increase with the coming up retirements this month. Also, a new proposal for adding the 6 additional judges to the high court is being processed.

As per the sources, The Punjab and Haryana High court, Chandigarh is going to get 6 additional judges from the Bar association.

 Among the recommended lawyers are-

  • Arvind Singh Sangwan
  • Rajbir Sehrawat [ former senior deputy advocate general of Haryana]
  • Anil Kshetrapal [senior advocate]
  • Sudhir Mittal [Retd. Major]
  • Avneesh Jhingan
  • Mahabir Singh Sindhu [ former additional advocate general, Punjab]

The list of these recommended lawyers are 5 of the Haryana Bar and one [Avneesh Jhingan] from Punjab Bar.

Know about the Status of the Proposal of Adding 6-Additional Judges in High Court

With the approval from the Prime Minister’s office, this proposal by the Department of Justice for appointing the new advocates in Punjab and Haryana High court in Chandigarh has taken a start already with the recommendations. The only matter left in execution of this proposal is the signature of the President on the recommended six names.

It is also been heard that the appointment of former senior deputy advocate general of Haryana, Rajbir sherawat will be notified only after his brother, who is practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court given an undertaking that he won’t work or practice law in the High court based in Chandigarh, Haryana for upcoming two years.

Also, from sources, has come the news of appointment of Raj Shekhar Attri and Gurwinder singh Gill as additional judges in Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Let’s take a look at latest numbers in Department of Justice

As per the latest count in Department of Justice, 48 Judges are working in high court out of which 4 are additional judges. Also, as per the sources 37 vacancies are still floating and the number is assumed to increase with the retirement of M. Jeyapaul, Sneh Prashar and Darshan Singh this very month from the High Court duty.

Stay tuned for latest updates on Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana.

Source: Bar and Bench 


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