After Liquor Ban, Punjab Has Liquor Vends That Run On Wheels

In Punjab, a video of a liquor vend on wheels is going viral on the internet. Yes, you read that right. Punjab has got liquor vends on wheels. The surprising video will make you believe how far can people in Punjab go to break rules.

Two things the Punjabis love the most are Chicken and Alcohol also known as “Leg and Peg” in Punjab. A lot of businesses have shut down after the Supreme court banned liquor 500 meters along the highways. About 80% of the hotels were closed post the liquor ban in Punjab. Apart from this, the excise department removed about 1,500 liquor shops and bars on the highways.

Punjabis Never Ending Love For Alcohol

The Punjabis are the most “Jugaadi” people when it comes to arranging Alcohol. Though people of Punjab did get frustrated after the Supreme Court banned the sale of liquor within 500 meters of state and national highway. But, it’s not even a month that the Supreme Court gave its verdict on the liquor ban and the people of Punjab have already started to sort out the liquor ban problem pretty easily.

A video showing “Theka On Tractor” is going viral on Whatsapp and other social media websites. The video shows that the liquor is being sold on a tractor having a freezer full of beers and a proper whiskey rack.

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Liquor Being Sold On A Tractor In Punjab

The man who shot the video of the “liquor vends on a tractor” jokes in Punjabi about the liquor ban and further blames Manpreet Singh Badal for the liquor ban. However, the video’s exact date and the location are unknown, but the trailer has the name of the town – Shahbad. Shahbad is a town in Haryana and close to the Punjab border.

Harman Singh Sidhu, A Social activist who filed a petition in the Supreme Court for banning liquor along the highways said that he also saw the video. He said he was not at all surprised as he saw the same kind of a “theka on wheels” along the highway in Haryana in 2013. They liquor vends on wheels advertised that the liquor they were selling was way cheaper than that in Punjab. However, the officials said that they could not find these moving liquor vends until now.

Source: Hindustan Times


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