Punjab Police Constable Caught While Stealing Battery From a Truck in Ludhiana

Ludhiana | In a shocking wave that has stirred Punjab, a police constable was caught red-handed while stealing battery from a truck in Ludhiana. The incident happened openly when a police constable accompanying a man allegedly carried out the entire operation of stealing in broad day light in Phase 5, Focal point at Ludhiana, Punjab on Wednesday.

About the Incident 

The horrifying incident has caused havoc in the minds of commoners who trusted police officials for being just and fair. In a city of Punjab like Ludhiana, this is all the more dreadful for it is quite urban and developed. The incident came to light when the truck tracked by GPS system notified its owner for being tampered by unscrupulous people.

On being alerted, the owner reached the spot to find out two men stealing battery from the truck. On further raising the alarm, the men who went on the run were nabbed by the locals. The mobile connected to GPS of the truck helped in bringing the incident to light. On interrogation and frisking, it was found that the man had an injection and a syringe which hinted at them being drug addicts.

About the Thiefs

The police constable identified as Jagjit Singh hailing from Wadalan Kalan in Kapurthala is residing at the Jamalpur Police colony in Ludhiana. His accomplice also identified as Sukhpal Singh of Mundian village who was his partner in crime. The case was registered post the complaint filed by the owner of the truck.

Not ashamed of caught stealing, the accused constable went on to a such extent that he had worn a blue shirt over his uniform to hide his identity. Such disclosures are astonishingly sad and not at all acceptable.

The disappointed residents and locals demand justice and explanation for such incidents engulfing Punjab. We had talked about drug menace that affected Punjab and nearby areas for which police action is required at war footing.  But, what needs to be done in the case when the Police Department who is supposed to bring laurels to the society with its achievements is a part of the crowd that society wants to get rid off.

This is an incident of utter disgrace where protectors of law are the only ones that are violating it. In such a scenario of modern times, how is one supposed to feel safe in Punjab?


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