Punjab : SYL Canal Verdict | Militancy may rise if verdict goes against Punjab state

Punjab’s SYL Canal Verdict is the talk of the state which has stirred the entire nation. Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh while present at the launch of a news channel has tactfully warned the authorities to beware of the consequences the nation would have to face if the verdict of Satluj-Yamuna Link goes against Punjab. During the press release at the event, the message has been carefully conveyed to expecting authorities of nearby states who demand a water share via the construction of the canal for irrigation purposes by the Punjab CM who is quite affirmative in the same decision. Punjab’s present scenario in the farming sector is a pretty sad condition and adding water woes to it would stir militant activities within the region.

About the SYL Project in Punjab

The Satluj-Yamuna Link project in Punjab aims to deliver water via various irrigation channels to various parts of the state suffering from water woes. Satluj-Yamuna Link also called as the SYL Project in Punjab is of the utmost utility as it carries a ray of hope for the future generations of the state to flourish and prosper stabilising the economy of the Punjab state as a consequence of it.

Here are a few details about the SYL Project in Punjab which has shaken the nation and authorities off from their complacencies :

  • The SYL-issue has been in place for more than a decade now
  • The SYL issue cropped up in Punjab state due to previous government’s moves and decisions
  • Unequitable distribution of resources of Punjab to other states without calculations
  • States with lesser land areas now have more water share from the Yamuna river flowing through Punjab state
  • Himachal and Haryana’s efforts to take up Punjab’s share deprive the state’s off their resources
  • Militancy activities and naxalite movement started off from the southern part of the state which is the worst affected
  • More than 75% area remains un-irrigated with “surface water sources” in the Punjab state, which is a cause of concern

SYL Project : Causes and Effects

During the previous government’s tenure various promises were made to the farmers who owned the land where the canal is being constructed now. Most affected parts are the southern parts of the Punjab state covering the Patiala districts all along which was the “epicentre” for generation of all the negative forces in the region, in terms of Khalistani activists, naxalites and also the militancy groups flourishing within the borders of the Punjab area. Had the decision been taken nicely in the first place, taking care of the native population Punjab first who is now going through severe water woes, the situation would have never arisen in the first place.

Unequitable distribution of natural resources of Punjab state and that too to the other states while Punjab’s most of the land remains un-irrigated is a huge cause of concern in itself, which is disgraceful.

Inviting wrath of many localities, the day won’t be far when the prediction of “World War III” because of “WATER” would be seen happening within the Punjab borders.

Source : HT

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