This Punjab Police Cop (Harleen Maan) is Making Headlines For Her Beauty | Here’s Her Real Story

The Internet is a platform to which people turn to gather knowledge and information. Being so important, the Internet is nowadays becoming a great source for spreading fake news and hoaxing the spread of the wrong word without cross-checking. Recently, a picture of Harleen Mann in Punjab Police’s Uniform was posted online on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Since the moment picture of this beautiful cop surfaced the social networking site, people have been commenting on the mesmerizing beauty of what she is.

In the recent comments on the picture, people have exaggerated the willingness of getting arrested under this beautiful Punjab Police SHO command, Harleen Maan. This is one news that has bombarded through every platform available on the internet. The Internet has now become the platform where any fake information can spread throughout the world without question in seconds of time. This incident proves the negative impact that the Internet has in our world today.

In the picture, Harleen Maan is spotted wearing Punjab Police Uniform with a name badge stating Harleen Maan. It took just a few moments for people to mistake her identity as SHO of Punjab Police. Later on, the reality behind the picture was cracked open by the alleged SHO herself.

Actual Story Behind the Beautiful Punjab Police SHO, Harleen Maan 

Well! after people started to comment enthusiastically on the picture of Harleen Maan, she finally took a breath to bring forth the reality behind the picture. After the picture went viral throughout the Internet, Harleen Maan stated, that ‘Harleen Maan’, Punjab Police SHO is actually a character that she is playing in a movie Jagga Jiundae. Her real name is Kainaat Arora and she is a working actress. This picture is from the shooting that is going on for a Punjabi Movie Jagga Jiundae. This picture was actually of a character that she is supposedly playing in the movie.

Well! it took just a few seconds for people to mistake Harleen Maan as Punjab Police SHO, this is the impact that Internet possesses nowadays. Using the platforms like the Internet must be carried out wisely and the facts that show up online are not always to be trusted. So, please verify the words posted on the Internet after reading and before believing.

Source – Indian Express

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