Punjab Police Officials Issued Notices For Wearing Low-Waist Pants & Skin-Tight Shirts

Punjab Police’s “fashion” have landed them in a serious trouble. The trend of low-waist and skin-tight shirts have certainly hit the Punjab police. 400 Punjab police officials including men and women have been issued notices for violating the uniform rules.

The Punjab police officials have been issues notices for flaunting low-waist pants and skin-tight shirts. The Ludhiana DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) said that out of 460 officials they checked, 417 of them were not following the uniform rules due to which notices have been issued to them.

Punjab Police Official’s Fashion Gone Wrong

The Ludhiana DSP said that the Punjab police personnel were caught wearing low-waist pants, skin-tight skirts, narrow bottom pants and short-sleeve shirts. He said that during the inspection they found that some personnel were wearing short sleeves which were short by two inches and the narrow bottom pants were less than 15 inches. As per the rule, the pants should be 18 inches long.

Punjab policewomen officials were also found wearing tight fit shirts and low-waist pants. They have also been issued notices for violating uniform rules.

Notices Issued To Punjab Police Officials For Violating Uniform Rules 

There were six assistant sub-inspectors (ASIs), constables and head constables out of all the Punjab police officials who have been issued notices for violating uniform rules. A lot of officials who were issued notices have been serving the Punjab police since 2010.

The DCP said that violating the uniform rules won’t be acceptable from anyone in the police force. He said there many disadvantages of wearing a tight-fit dress or low waist pants. The police officials won’t be able to sit if they are wearing such tight clothes. The Punjab police officials have been issued notices and have been asked to get the alterations done as per the uniform rules of Punjab police. The personnel have been warned and if they don’t abide by the rules, strict action will be taken against them.

417 Punjab police officials notices for violating the uniform rules and 17 officials were given certificates of appreciation for following the uniform rules of the Punjab police.

Source: Hindustan Times, Image Source = Sikh 24

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