Punjab | All PRTC Buses from Punjab to Delhi to Go Till Delhi IGI Airport

Punjab | In a thoughtful move by PRTC officials for Punjab passengers travelling to IGI Airport, Delhi from various regions of Punjab, PRTC’s Delhi routed buses are now going to touch the Delhi Airport as one of their destination points soon.

The decision has been brought into the action of proposal to cater to the needs of huge influx of population mobbing Delhi Airport on a daily basis. The move has been welcomed by many localites in Punjab who will be benefited the most if implemented and carefully executed.

About the Decision

Pepsu Road Transport Corporation also called as PRTC, has proposed to extend the route of all the buses directed to Delhi to touch IGI Airport. The proposal was made by effectively carrying out the time-cost analysis of the decision awaiting its implementation. The analysis resulted in just a 20 km addition to the existent journey distance having little inputs but delivering to masses in a great way.

Aims of the Proposal

The proposal is aimed at the following points which would be fulfilled if the proposal is successfully implemented by the authorities.

  • Cost effective and nominally priced commutation facility to the IGI Airport, Delhi
  • Catering to heavy influx of population visiting the Airport frequently
  • Comfortable journey to ferry the passengers
  • Convenient option to opt for
  • Economically viable opportunity to cater to
  • Reasonably priced fares owing to no chargeable permits required
  • Generate better revenues for the transport authority

Highlights of the Initiative

With an aim to provide a comfortable and nominally priced journey to passengers who pay heavy prices to commute to the airport via other means, the move is indeed an applaudible effort by the authorities. Highlights of the move are as follows :

  • A fleet of 30 new buses to be added for the initiative
  • Non AC, AC and Super-Integral coaches to be made available
  • Additional distance of around 20km to be added to the existing route
  • Marginal increase in the price fare, keeping almost the same
  • Move to cover cities like Patiala, Rajpura, Ludhiana, Bathinda, Jalandhar and Amritsar
  • No special permit required to link the route

Premium Private Players Vs PRTC

The pioneers of the commutation facilities would be hit hard with this implementation of the proposal. Private players including Volvo, are charging these commuters for the same distance ranging between INR 1500 TO INR 3000 from Rajpura to Delhi, which is ironically the shortest distance from Punjab to Delhi. Also, the sky-rocketing prices of private cabbies charged a whopping INR 5000 to ferry passengers on the same route.

Meanwhile, PRTC buses charge an approximate one-third the amount charged by the privately owned buses. The bus fare of PRTC from Patiala to Delhi is INR 250 (Non-AC) and INR 450 (AC). Paradoxically, the highest priced luxury ones also cost around INR 600 (approx.) which is half the price of Volvo buses.

Such statistics have really not gone down well with the authorities and even people who were being fleeced on the pretext of Private owners enjoying monopoly over the entire system. Not any longer now. The proposal even way before its implementation has certainly brought a sigh of relief for the travellers who burn their pockets to pay the hefty amount sometimes which costs even more than their Air-tickets.

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