Punjab Recruits 1,592 Health Workers to Take Care of Punjabi’s Health

Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh has appointed 1,592 candidates for the posts of staff nurses and multipurpose health workers in the state. Out of these, 673 are staff nurses and 919 are the health workers who will be responsible for taking care of the health of people in Punjab.

The shortage of paramedical staff has disturbed the smooth working of various medical centres for past 10 years informed the Health Minister Brahm Mohindra.

The Paramedical Staff

The 1,592 appointed key medical staff are needed immediately across Punjab in numerous government hospitals, community health centres, sub-centres & primary health centres.

The candidates for the staff nurses have already been recruited while the multipurpose health workers will be going under counselling for the recruitment in the next two days.

The appointment letters have already been issued to the employees and are already in the process of joining their recruited places. The recruitment of the staff has been done completely on the basis of their calibre and worthiness.

The Staff And Its Need

The Health Minister of Punjab has given a statement informing that many of the Punjab’s medical centres were in an urgent need of qualified staff to serve the ailing people at high priority places.

The staff is right now posted at a number of critical regions of Punjab where healthcare is still not of high importance. The staff is supposed to estimate and treat the people who are suffering from malaria, chikungunya and dengue or are exposed to areas that are a cesspool of these type of health disease.

Appointing a huge number of staff in the field of medicine health can seriously improve the scene of Punjab on the health front. Many kids in various regions of Punjab are suffering from different health issues that require a lot of care and attention and this can only be attained with the help of a big number of people working to improve the lives and restore wellness.

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