A Punjab Roadways Bus Stolen From ISBT 43 Chandigarh While Driver Was Sleeping

A very unusual case of Punjab Roadways bus been stolen from the ISBT sector-43, Chandigarh came to the limelight, recently. The bus which was said to be parked within the premises of bus stand went missing while the driver was asleep a few meters away from it.

How the Bus was stolen from Chandigarh ISBT

On Monday afternoon, Gurlal and Dharminder, driver and conductor of the Punjab Roadways, respectively filed a complaint with the police claiming their Amritsar-Chandigarh route Punjab Roadways had gone missing. Both the driver and the conductor of the bus mentioned that the bus was parked at the Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT), Sector 43 and claimed it to be stolen.

In their complaint to the police, Gurlal said that he had parked the bus on Sunday night at its designated place and went off to sleep. It was in the next morning he noticed that the bus was missing after which he approached the police.

The curious case of lost & found Punjab Roadways Bus

However, later on the same day, another employee of the Punjab Roadways, called Gurlal and told him that the missing bus had been recovered in Kharar near his village. The missing Punjab Roadways bus found hidden in the bushes, abandoned with no tyres, fuel and stepney on it.

The General Manager of the Punjab Roadways could not understand that how did the bus went missing and was later found 25 km away from the ISBT sector 43 where it was claimed to be parked by the driver and the conductor. Top solve the mystery behind the stealth of the bus, he has lodged a complaint (not an FIR but a Daily Diary Report -DDR) with the police and has requested for the probe into the curious case of the missing bus.

No security system at ISBT 43 Chandigarh

According to the sources, the ISBT Chandigarh at Sector 43 doesn’t have any CCTV cameras installed either at its entry or at its exit. At the time of investigation, it was learnt that no entry was made at the entrance of the ISBT 43 when the bus was claimed to be stolen. In fact, the statement of the bus driver and the conductor also doesn’t seem to be matching. The probe is under process and police are looking into the matter strongly.

Source: hindustantimes.com

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