Punjab’s Govt. Schools Have 26,000 Students With Optical Errors

In a recent survey on refractive errors conducted in Punjab’s numerous government schools by the health department under the National Programme for Control of Blindness, it has been discovered that more than 26,000 students use spectacles to correct their vision.

The survey was conducted in various districts of Punjab and he results are somewhat alarming.

What Does The Survey Say?

Survey provided the data that was charted under the school eye screening programme that covered the government school students all over the Punjab who were tested for refractive errors.

The 2016-17 survey on the refractive errors has told that about 26,103 cases are found of refractive error in the state of Punjab and Jalandhar is on top of the list in with about 7,152 cases. Amritsar has been ranked second among other districts with a total of 3,097 students including children.

This years figures are low as compared to the years 2015-16. In 2015-16 there were around 35,299 cases of refractive disorders and Tarn Taran accounted the highest number of cases, 4,383. Patiala followed by with 3,459 cases.

The Refractive Error Test

Eyes play a very vital role when it comes to overall efficiency of a student. Regular eye tests play a very important part for eye health. The eyes of the students were tested by the school’s ‘eye screening’ component.

According to Amritsar’s Civil surgeon Dr Pradeep Chawla “common vision related issues can affect a child’s performance in a big way and thus they need to corrected as soon as possible to retain the health of eyes for future”.

What Is Refractive Error?

Dr Chawla explains that a refractive error is a weakness found in the optical system of the eye which decreases the visual precision. Other common refractive errors include:

  • Myopia-Nearsightedness
  • Hyperopia-Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism- Distorted Vision
  • Presbyopia- diminishing of power and focus of the eye with age

Refractive Error Cases-At Glance

The five districts with highest number of refractive error cases.

In 2016-17

  • Jalandhar- 7,152
  • Amritsar- 3,097
  • Hoshiarpur- 1,772
  • Ludhiana- 1,616
  • Ropar- 1,266
  • Total-26,103

In 2015-16ou

  • Tarn Taran- 4,383
  • Patiala- 3,742
  • Amritsar- 3,459
  • Hoshiarpur- 3,145

To maintain a good eye health is very important for students in this fast paced life. Parents should make sure that their kids eat as much healthy foods as they can and cut down their screen time, i.e. TV, laptop and mobile phone viewing hours.

Source- TOI


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