Puzzles Rooftop Restaurant at The Cove in Panchkula is The Place to Be This Season & Here’s Why

Puzzles at The Cove is one of the picturesque restaurants located at the rooftop of the hotel ‘The Cove’ in Panchkula. The amazing rooftop restaurant and lounge situated amidst the beautiful green location of Sector 5, Panchkula city of the Chandigarh tricity region surely mesmerises you with its great ambience, sumptuous varieties of delicacies offered in different cuisines apart from the exotic cocktails and drinks they have to offer for you.

Here are the details about the varied menu, hand picked food items that are a must try and the ambience of the place Puzzles at The Cove, Panchkula.

Puzzles at The Cove, Panchkula – Ambience

With their motto of offering you with “Nothing but the Best” when it comes to food, the motto finds it wide and varied application in terms of the great ambience also that it has to offer you. Investing huge sums in simply creating that Decor, “For your Eyes Only”, this rooftop restaurant, Puzzles at The Cove in Panchkula boasts of the following with utmost pride and honour.

  • Great seating arrangement amidst the beautiful green surroundings
  • Poolside view of the restaurant simply adds that “wow” factor to the place
  • Panoramic view of the clean and green Panchkula city while you enjoy your meals
  • Star gazing at night after that nice romantic supper simply takes you to another world
  • Light music that plays along while meals are served so that you enjoy the “bliss time” with your loved ones
  • The easy breezy pleasant air this summer that blows in the evening can beat any AC’s efficiency we bet!
  • Canopy area styled for that added “style” to the existing ambience, a thumbs up we say!
  • Concept of open air dining has a comeback with Puzzles at The Cove in Panchkula
  • Water fountains and great lightning for that “oomph factor” to revitalise yourself after a stressful week at work

Piping Hot Delicacies at Puzzles, The Cove in Panchkula

We talked about the ambience but let us come straight to the main point. THE FOOD!

Yeah, the exotic delicacies that are made with a twist, their head chef proudly boasts of creating ‘unique sumptuous master pieces in his kitchen everyday.’ The menu has delicacies worth drooling over. Yes, we know it really becomes difficult to choose what to order when everything simoly looks so fancy to be ignored, we found a way out ! Visit this place often to hand pick ‘your favourite one’ because we bet choosing the “better one in a lot of best” ain’t a an easy one budd!

Puzzles at The Cove, Menu

Divided into two categories at the Puzzles as “Food Menu” and the “Bar menu”, The Cove has it all. Priced at a nominal rate of roughly at an average of  INR 1200 for two, their food is “finger-licking” good apart from their exotic drinks in alcoholic and non-alcoholic base, you won’t mind burning your pockets a bit hard for!

Who could imagine you would savour “Puchkas aka Golgappas” at a fine dine like at the rooftop of Puzzles in The Cove. They make it simply plausible for you not only much to your imagination but drool over their alcoholic “Cranberry Puchka Shots” served with a twist. The options are varied like “Chilli Orange” and what not. We recommend you not to believe us, but ‘pay your esteemed visit’ to the rooftop place to savour the time of your life here at Puzzles at The Cove in Panchkula.

A lot has been said and delivered. Why not visit the rooftop poolside place Puzzles at The Cove wherein you get high on food, the exotic ambience and the service of the place that would certainly drift you to a blissful world of your dreams!

Puzzles at The Cove would surely take you to one, So what are you waiting for?


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