QR 678® Hair Transplant – Breakthrough achievement in hair growth factor

Breakthrough Achievement in Hair Growth Factor

Hair fall or hair loss has been a major concern for people across all age groups. Male pattern baldness or Alopecia is a common problem that leads to low confidence and self-esteem. Clinicians and cosmetologists have been investigating modalities for a long time now. While nonsurgical hair regrowth treatments like over-the-counter topical minoxidil, prescription oral finasteride, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and light & laser therapy treatments help reduce hair fall when used in combination, they do leave adverse side effects. QR 678® – a proprietary, first in class hair fall & hair regrowth therapy, has revolutionized the treatment of hair fall in alopecia.

The therapy was invented by Dr.Debraj Shome – Clinical Scientist & Leader, R&D Team, QR 678® and Dermato-surgeon Dr.Rinky Kapoor; Both are co -founders of  The Esthetic Clinics ® which are a chain of top class dermatology & plastic surgery centers located in various cities in India. They observed that male pattern baldness, known as Androgenic Alopecia characterised by progressive hair loss in men growing at a rampant rate of 58% in males aged 30-50 years which initiated their urge to research and find a solution to this cosmetic issue leading to the invention of QR 678®. The therapy curbs hair fall and increases the thickness, the number and density of existing hair follicles, offering greater hair coverage to the ones with alopecia.

What is QR 678® Hair Growth Treatment And How Does it Work?

A team led by Dr Shome was responsible for inventing a novel hair growth drug, called the QR 678®  hair growth factor injections. This was reported as first-page news in all editions of the Times of India. QR 678®  are synthetically injected. 

QR 678® hair growth treatment provides a natural way of hair growth requiring no surgical procedure. It is an advanced hair growth method that facilitates hair growth while preventing hair loss. The key ingredient used in this treatment is a mixture of several growth factors which are involved in stimulating hair growth and division. The advanced formula harboring the growth factors has been established by two experienced doctors in India – Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor, after 4 years of thorough, advanced, hair research. Not only that the treatment is natural, but it also costs much less- about 1/10 of what hair transplant costs. Hair loss is no longer an issue because of the marvelous effects of the QR 678® growth factor injections.

QR 678® is a non-surgical, pain-free and non-invasive procedure for the hair regrowth treatment which has shown very good results in over 100,000+ patients. The QR 678® hair treatment has been awarded the prestigious composition and mechanism of administration patent from the United States of America in 2017 and the Indian FDA gave an approval for commercial manufacturing & sale in March 2019. The therapy is also FDA approved in EU, UK, Kuwait and pending approvals in other countries.  The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval means its effectiveness and efficacy has been reviewed by the CDER and it has been established that its benefits outweigh its potential risks.

The Procedure of QR 678® Hair Growth Factor Therapy

The method of treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive and it involves administration of the growth factor solution in the form of 1mL injections into the scalp of the patients, which delivers the growth factors to the targeted tissue layer. The injections are given superficially in the areas of Alopecia & hair loss. This is only a 15-minute procedure, performed while you are sitting comfortably in the doctor’s office, without any anesthesia needed and without any pain. Hair growth in balding areas takes about 8-10 sessions of injections. Each injection is injected with a 2-4 weeks interval between each session. 

QR 678® A risk-Free Treatment

The QR 678® hair treatment can be considered as one of the milestones in the era of regenerative medicine that can help hair growth.  It is one of the latest advancements in hair growth treatment, the result of the most advanced research in hair therapy. In the clinical trials which have been conducted to date, there have been no major side effects reported of the QR 678® injections. The QR 678® is not absorbed into the bloodstream, The QR 678® treatment is therefore completely safe.

Generally, 4 – 6 sittings (sessions) are required, before you can see hair growth in the bald patches.After the hair growth treatment session is over, some lotions (hair regrowth lotions) and medical hair treatments (tablets for hair growth) may be prescribed to the patient for several weeks, to support the hair growth process.

Dr Debraj Shome

Dr Debraj Shome is one of the most well-known and experienced facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the country. While it is not unknown that cosmetic surgery is a diverse field, there are only a handful of specialists who are well trained in cosmetic surgery. Dr Shome is one of them. 

Dr Debraj Shome founded The Esthetic Clinics to provide world-class facial plastic and cosmetic surgery to people. The renowned clinic has multiple centers across the country such as in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. 

Dr Debraj Shome is an exceptional inventor. He has written more than 50 peer-reviewed international papers in some of the top international research journals. He is also the patent holder for the invention of his QR 678® hair growth factor injections. This non -invasive and non-surgical hair growth injections had received patents in the USA as well as in India. 

Dr Shome is also an internationally acclaimed author. His book “Dear People, With Love & Care, Your Doctors” has been one of the bestselling books in India for several weeks. The book is an anthology of short stories based on the real-life doctor-patient relationship. 

Educational background

Dr Debraj Shome completed his undergraduate medical degree from Grant Medical College and J J Hospital in Mumbai. After this, he specialized in Ophthalmology and completed his residency at Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai. 

He then went on to obtain the degrees of the Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2003 and Diplomate of National Board in 2004. 

Dr Shome further acquired specialization in Orbital Surgery, Ocular Oncology, and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery as a part of the fellowship from the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad in 2005. 

Post completing this fellowship, Dr Shome also did an esteemed clinical training in Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery from one of the world’s top centers at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in the USA. =


For all his clinical and surgical research, entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities, Dr Shome has been awarded by several well-known agencies. He has received “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in India”, “Breakthrough Innovations in Facial Plastic Surgery”  many other awards from multiple award agencies in India and globally. 

In 2020, Dr Debraj Shome became one of the first surgeons from Asia to become a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). It took him three years to receive this accomplishment as an accreditation. 

He has a reputation for being among the best facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India and worldwide.  

He was also awarded as the “Times Power Men” by the Times of India Group, for his life-changing work in facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, in the year 2019. 

For his remarkable work, Dr Debraj Shome was awarded the “Indian of the Year” at the Health care Forum in  2017 by the Indian Leadership Conclave for his breakthrough invention of QR 678® hair growth factor injections. In 2016, he received the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India ” award at India’s best doctors awards ceremony in New Delhi. In the same year, he also received the “Best Plastic Surgeon in India ” award in Mumbai at the National Healthcare Excellence Awards 2016.


Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Dandiwal is a medical professional who works at a reputed hospital in Chandigarh. The passion for writing and love for Chandigarh makes Harpreet a contributing author on ChandigarhMetro.com.
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