Chandigarh has a Great Quality of Life | Resident’s Living Style Decoded

We all love our city and one reason for Chandigarh to be loved by almost everyone is the superb quality of life it offers to its residents.

When anyone thinks about Chandigarh, some surreal thoughts and splendid pictures strike the mind. Be it the lush green gardens situated in almost every sector, the scenic beauty along roadsides, tourist spots like Sukhna lake or Rock Garden, the cleanliness that Chandigarh is known for etc. Apart from those who admire Chandigarh, the city holds a special place in the hearts of those who have been residing here since a long time.

We de-coded the living style of Chandigarh residents to find out the quality of life and you’ll feel proud to know that it is simply great.

Quality of Life in Chandigarh

The first thing first. What is

What is quality of life?

If we go by the dictionary meaning, it says that it is defined as the standard of health, comfort, and happiness that is experienced by an individual or a group.

Devoid of the unusual hustle and bustle, Chandigarh can be categorised as a city with a pleasant atmosphere. One reason why this city is preferred by people around is simply because of its peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Work Life

A majority of the population in the city are employees who stick to their 9 to 5 job routine. The only time you would find rush on the roads is the peak hours and never else. The evenings mark a vast number of people visiting parks to take a stroll or going to religious places to attain the requisite tranquility. In this respect, the city is quite a stagnant one. You won’t find a large number of corporate hubs here except the IT park.


There are a plenty of quality institutes when it comes to education. The hub of all centers, Panjab University is itself an important part of the city. You talk about a course and you have an institute waiting for you. In fact, there is no doubt when I say that government owned institutions provide great opportunities for study at affordable rates, sometimes even better than the private ones. Be it schools, colleges or universities, Chandigarh has always strived its best to work in the interest of students.


You could carry out a census in Chandigarh, you’ll find that a vast population here constitutes the retired lot. IAS officers, other public servants, army veterans, all form a part of the city’s population. Students and aged people form a major chunk here. It is because of this reason that Chandigarh’s administration constantly strives to initiate schemes and programs to cater to such people so as to ensure maximum welfare.


While most of us would agree that almost every house in Chandigarh owns a couple of cars, we all would also agree to the fact that despite such ownership, the public transportation system here is noteworthy. You would never be hassled to reach your destination.

Healthy environment

Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden and Fragrance Garden aren’t just open spaces. These are places the people of Chandigarh swear by. Not only these, countless other parks and lakes form the city’s beautiful landscapes. You could spot hundreds of people making use of the fresh air during early mornings and evenings. I strongly believe that a healthy environment makes an important factor in ensuring a good quality life.

Overall, the quality of life in Chandigarh is something we all have always desired. It provides for an ideal lifestyle, free from the banes of the 21st century. Blessed are those people who spend a decent life staying here. We really hope that you continue to live your lives in good health and prosperity right under Chandigarh’s sunshine.


Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh is pursuing his degree in Law from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He is a passionate speaker and has a flair for writing. He accredits his inquisitiveness as his driving force. With a zest in his heart and a spark in his soul, he is here to keep the readers abreast with almost everything that catches his eye. Gagandeep can be reached at
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