Salman Khan “Radio” Song From Tubelight is Simply Awesome | Watch Official Video

Salman Khan releases the song “Radio” from his upcoming flick “Tubelight” yesterday and it is already topping the charts. Time to “turn the radio on” as like every year, Salman Khan’s biggest and greatest hit song of 2017 – “Radio” from the movie Tubelight has hit the grounds already. The recent release of the song ‘Radio’ from the movie “Tubelight” which is all set to release like all other ‘Salman Khan’ movies on the auspicious occasion of Eid this year in 2017 is already the talk of the town. Catering to his international fan following, Salman Khan’s move to release the latest track “Radio” from Tubelight has won the hearts of many around the world post the release that happened in Dubai.

“Radio” song from “Tubelight” released

In a ‘one-of its kinds’ publicity and marketing gimmicks, Salman Khan never fails to amuse his fans in the domestic region as well as around the globe. The latest track “Radio” that has Salman Khan’s “signature step” that he is famous for incorporating in every ‘dhinchakk’ type number he puts in his movies, ‘Radio’ from Tubelight promises to deliver the similar vibe.

The exploding energy levels in the track amalgamated with the message to ‘turn up the radio’, the song is simply full of positive vibes and greater energy levels. Depicting the ‘celebration mode’ after troublesome period in the movie, Salman Khan gets to know via ‘Radio’ about his brother’s welfare in the movie ‘Tubelight’ and hence the name !

“Radio” song from “Tubelight” Video

Soaring high music with its peak having Salman Khan drooling over the track with his mesmerising steps, presenting before you the latest track ‘Radio’ that got released from the movie “Tubelight” is the first song with its official release from the most awaited Salman Khan’s movie in 2017. Check the video of the song here.

“Radio” song from “Tubelight” : Behind the Curtains

It takes a lot of efforts for even a song from any movie to be released. Here’s how these people contributed to make the ‘Radio’ song a big hit already post its release from Salman Khan, our bhaijaan’s upcoming movie this Eid, “Tubelight.”

Music by: Pritam
Lyrics by: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Kamaal Khan and Amit Mishra

With the release of ‘Radio’ from ‘Tubelight’, the song proudly boasts of being released in subtitles of 14 languages including English, Hindi, Turkish, Gujarati etc. Set in the times of war, the song features more than a thousand junior artists choreographed by none other than ‘Remo D’Souza’ is all set to make you bang your head, snap your fingers and tap your feet.

So, what are you waiting for, Tune into your radio and enjoy the track “Radio” from ‘Tubelight’ with Salman Khan!

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