Raftaar New Song (Baby Marvake Manegi) – Official Video

‘Baby Marvake Manegi’- The new song of Rapper and Singer ‘Raftaar’ has been released and it’s mind-blowing. The latest track of Raftaar is the first dancehall song and the music of the song ‘Baby Marvake Manegi’ will make you tap your feet. Zee Music Company has come up with Raftaar’s new song ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ from the album Zero to Infinity.

The new song of Raftaar ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ has not only been sung by him but also he has penned the lyrics and composed the track of the song. The video of Raftaar’s latest track has been directed by the ace choreographer of Bollywood, Remo D’souza. The craze of the song is so high that it has crossed 1 million views in just 24 hours of its upload in youtube.

‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ Song by Raftaar

Actress ‘Norah Fatehi’ has been featured in the video of the song ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’. The lyrics of the song starts with ‘Baby mujhe apni jaan ki kasam, maine piya nahi whisky, beer ya rum’. And the catchy line of Raftaar’s new track is like ‘Baby marvake maanegi, dikkat karvake maanegi.’

Details of Raftaar's song 'Baby marvake maanegi'

Singer: Raftaar

Lyrics: Raftaar

Music: Blackout

Director: Remo D’souza

Label: Zee Music Company

Apart from the video, the music of ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ song has been so enthralling that one can’t stop their feet. As the music of the Raftaar’s new song starts, your feet will automatically start catching the beats. And the dance of Norah Fatehi has increased the hotness of the video.

Video of Raftaar’s new song

To tap your feet with the beats of Raftaar’s new song ‘Baby marvake maanegi’ and check out the mesmerising dance moves of Norah Fatehi click on the play button.

Make your party more happening by adding the latest song of Raftaar titled as ‘Baby marvake maanegi’ in your playlist.

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