Rail Curves on Delhi-Chandigarh Route To Be Straitened for High Speed Trains

High-Speed trains on Delhi-Chandigarh route have been the talk of the town since the announcement of the project. French Railways, SNCF is all set to work on the project to assist Indian Railways to carry out the cumbersome task with its able guidance and support. The ever growing demand of the commuters who ply on the Delhi-Chandigarh route frequently has been the major driving factor that the decision is called for.

Upgradation of Delhi-Chandigarh rail route, here’s what will change

In an initiative to reduce the travel time of commuters who often travel via railways on the Delhi-Chandigarh rail route, many aspects are to be taken care of during the initial stages of planning only to execute and implement the project on the route successfully. Here’s what will change.

  • Setting out the major curves along the track of Delhi-Chandigarh rail route straight
  • Upgradation of conventional signalling system to happen
  • Curves on the route to be completely eliminated
  • Setting up of ‘Power substations’ along the stretch of Delhi-Chandigarh rail route
  • Power Control System to be kept in mind while Delhi-Chandigarh rail route is reinstated

Set the rail curves on Delhi-Chandigarh route ‘Straight’

Identifying the major problem posed by the “Major curves” that stretch along the railway track plying on Delhi-Chandigarh rail route, elimination is the only option authorities are left with. French Railways have already identified constraints related to the project and are expected to submit a detailed report on the same by the month of October. In their findings,

  • Delhi-Chandigarh rail route of 245 km is the busiest in northern railways
  • 10 major curves prevalent at present on the track causing hindrance to the project
  • Total sum of 32 km affected by the major curves that needs to be eliminated
  • Elimination of curves marked as crucial to the project
  • Straight path to increase efficiency in functioning and working of the system
  • Straightened path to reduce the risks of “De-railment” woes on the Delhi-Chandigarh rail route

Delhi-Chandigarh rail route’s French Connection

French Railways, SNCF has been given the designated authority to aid the development of the proposed project on the Delhi-Chandigarh rail route. Here’s what all the French Railways would be upto.

  • French Railways to submit a “Detailed Project report” by October
  • French Railways expected to bring in a rough draft marking the constraints to the project execution
  • Meeting with the team of French Railways’ officials ‘felt’ to be fruitful to the project development
  • Estimation and Costing of the entire Delhi-Chandigarh rail route to be done by French Railways
  • Details of execution and cost analysis to be incurred be done by the French Railways

Numbers Numb Us

Here’s what the facts, figures,data and numbers reveal. Take a look and faint!

  • Present travel time on Delhi-Chandigarh rail route is 3 hours and 30 min
  • Present speed of the trains that ply on Delhi-Chandigarh rail route is 110 kmph
  • Time to reduce manifold to 50 minutes only with the project development
  • New speed of the trains on Delhi-Chandigarh rail route to be at 200 kmph
  • Project cost estimated to be around INR 10000 crores
  • Indian railways shortlisted 9 priority such corridors at pan India level
  • Total of 6400 km tracks to be under the project’s scrutiny in India
  • On Delhi-Chandigarh rail route a separate 32 km to be laid parallel to existing
  • Move to abolish curves which reduce speed

The busy route on the Northern railways of Delhi-Chandigarh rail route’s much needed and awaited “High-speed” trains is going to be a “feather to the cap” after the “straightening” of the major curves along the Delhi-Chandigarh rail route is carried out. Better connectivity is what drives us all. We all are awaiting an era of revolution that would be marked by the commencement of this project.

In all righteousness and senses, All hail “Hurray” in the name of development!


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