Rainfall in Chandigarh breaks 10 year record: December 2014

The second weekend of December 2014 saw a record breaking 74.3 mm of rainfall in Chandigarh. The rain started early morning on Saturday and continued for more than 30 hours as the city residents were forced to keep indoors over the weekend. The down pour finally stopped in the afternoon on Sunday but it had done a lot of damage till then.

According to the Met department, a 10 year record has been broken as Chandigarh has never witnessed so much of rain in the month of December. Moreover just 2 days of rainfall in Chandigarh has broken this record and according to the Met department, more downpour is expected in the coming days till Christmas.

Air, Rail and Road traffic hit due to heavy rainfall in Chandigarh

An accident which occoured on the roundabout of sector 7 and 26

This heavy rainfall in Chandigarh over the weekend not only disrupted the rail and air traffic but also resulted in road accidents in the city. 3 flights scheduled to take off from the Chandigarh airport were cancelled due to bad weather. Even the rail traffic was affected as many trains were delayed. Streets and roads were seen water logged at many places. A tree got uprooted on the dividing road of sector 7 and 26 which affected the power supply in the northern sectors of Chandigarh. The southern sectors also saw many short power cuts due to the bad weather. This heavy rainfall in Chandigarh caused some fatal accidents on the slippery roads. As many as 6 major accidents were recorded across the city. However there has been no loss of life. Chandigarh police personal were seen having a tough time at accident sites.

This heavy rainfall in Chandigarh was a result of snowfall in Shimla. Shimla is just 90 Kms from Chandigarh and whenever it snows in Shimla, Chandigarh receives a downpour. Met department has suggested that chilly winds coming from Shimla (Himalayas) will blow over the city in the coming days and will further intensify the cold wave.

Source: Chandigarh Tribune

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