Will Rajinikanth Join Politics? Here’s an Announcement From The Superstar

Tollywood’s superstar, Rajinikanth may soon join Indian politics and will announce the same on his birthday this year. He had earlier also hinted towards joining politics. Will The question is Will Rajnikanth join politics or not and if sources are to be believed, then we’ll get this answer on Rajnikanth’s upcoming birthday.

With the statement of BJP’s Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan, the speculations of the superstar Rajinikanth joining Indian politics began to rife as he said ‘BJP welcomes him (Rajnikanth)’. All the media houses across the country gushed out with news of Rajni turning into a political leader soon and would flourish itself in Tamil Nadu before the next national elections in 2019.

Rajinikanth to make announcement of his entry in politics on his birthday

However, Rajnikanth has neither confirmed his joining to any Indian political party nor has he turned down the invitation of BJP. In his comment to this situation, Rajnikanth has shared that he don’t have any political aspirations but if the almighty, God has such plans for him, then he would definitely join the politics in future.

The fans of Rajnikanth also believes that this year Thalaivar’s birthday will be more special as their superstar will make the announcement whether he would dive into the pool of politics or not.

Rajnikanth’s political interests

As per the sources, Rajnikanth has concerns for the turmoil of the politics of Tamil Nadu and was a bit disturbed after the demise of the state’s CM, Jayalalitha. Even the rumours were that the Rajnikanth would form a new political party backed by BJP and would replace the void role of Tamil Nadu’s former Chief Minister and AIADMK Chief, Late Jayalalitha after her demise in December last year.

Previous political stint of Rajnikanth

Back in 1996, the superstar Rajnikanth had extended his support to the DMK- led alliance during Tamil Nadu Assembly elections to which he still regrets and calls it a blunder. He has even asked his fans not to be disappointed if he doesn’t join the Indian politics as he would continue serving them through his movies.

Well, whatever the speculations and rumors are wide spreading, the fans of Rajnikanth were happy to know their Thalaivar/ Thalaiva to enter into the politics soon. People are even of the opinion that Rajnikanth may take politics as his second work option after his retirement from the film industry but Thalaivar mentions that he would take the right decision at right time.

Rajnikanth is 66 years old now and has done more than 150 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

source: indiatoday.in

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