Ram Rahim Followers in Punjab & Haryana Said to be Storing Petrol, Weapons at Deras & Here’s a Proof

As the time for the final verdict in the rape case against Baba Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda is nearing, the situation in Chandigarh and entire states of Punjab and Haryana is getting worse. As per recent reports that have been confirmed by Punjab police and intelligence agencies, Baba Ram Rahim followers in various naam charcha ghar (Deras) across Punjab & Haryana are storing petrol, diesel and weapons inside the dera premises.

Dera Sacha Sauda has over 6 Crore followers all over the world and out of these more than 50% are said to be from North India which majorly includes almost all rural areas of Punjab and Haryana.

The news about Ram Rahim followers storing Petrol and weapons at deras ahead of the CBI court verdict has created an emergency like situation in Punjab as well as in Haryana. The reports were first given by intelligence and it was also published in The Indian Express dated 23 August.

Some videos have also emerged on social media sites and whatsapp where dera followers (including girls) are talking about causing harm to public property if anything happens to Baba Ram Rahim. Over 2 lakh followers have already gathered in Panchkula where CBI court will give the final verdict tomorrow. Baba Ram Rahim followers can be easily seen in larghe numbers in parks, roads and other public places in Chandigarh & Panchkula despite section 144.

Talking about the news of dera followers storing petrol and weapons in Punjab & Haryana deras, Punjab police has issued letters to all DSP and SSP rank officers to make special arrangements so any unwanted incident may be averted and controlled. Punjab & Haryana govt. have already received some para-military forces from the central government and now both states have asked for more forces. The military has also been kept on a standby to control the situation if anything goes wrong.

Above is the copy of the letter as was sent from IGP (Director General of Police), Law & Order, Chandigarh to all zonal IGP, DIG, SSP and other senior police officials in Punjab.

The final verdict on Baba Ram Rahim for rape case in CBI court at Panckula may be positive or negative, but whatever it may be, we hope that peace and normal situation prevails in Punjab & Haryana. We also advise people to avoid their travel on Punjab roads (if they can) just as a precautionary step.


Ajay Deep

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