Raman Thukral, a 13-year Old Child Actor, is Giving Fierce Competition to Established Actors on Television With His Fantastic Acting Skills

Raman Thukral is a new rising star making a big name in Bollywood and Television. He is not a star kid, but his name is no lesser than star kid. He is making lots of names with his acting and looks in Bollywood and TV world. Raman has done lots of work in the past five years. He started his journey in 2014 when he was just eight years old. From Homeshop18 to Chandragupta Maurya, Telani Rama to movies with Rajnikant the superstar.

Raman comes from a very educated and well-settled family. His father is a businessman and mother, an award-winning artist. His Nani has been his backbone in his life journey, whether its studies or acting Raman’s family has always supported him in the right direction.

Raman has grown as a top-class actor he doesn’t look like 13 when you see him acting. Other than acting Raman is a very talented kid very good in studies.

Other than acting, studies Raman’s hobbies are Art & craft as it comes in the family his mother is an award-winning artist. Raman loves to read books, playing Cricket, Cycling. He is useful in studies.

Raman is very kind, and down to earth even after achieving this much at young he is still very humble & friendly in nature.

From the starting, he has lived with his maternal grandparents. They have always supported him; their role in Raman’s life is significant. Raman has won many prizes in his schools like silver Olympiad exams, Gold Taekwondo, Silver Race and many more. He is a multi-talented kid growing beautifully in his life.

Raman has all the potential to become megastar of Bollywood in the future as he is a versatile actor and very good looking too. So we can expect him to do more in his life as an actor. We are sure that Raman will play lead actor role in the coming years in a top production house like Dharma production and Yash Raj Banner.


Ajay Deep

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