Rang Rasiya (New Hindi Song) – Sahil Sharma | Official Video

Sahil Sharma’s Rang Rasiya song is just going to transport you to a different place in the rural Rajasthan with the rustic picturisation. The shy singing sensation is back with his latest Hindi song ‘Rang Rasiya’. Sahil Sharma’s ‘Rang Rasiya’ that was released just a day back, is creating buzz on Youtube and has already crossed the 5 lakh mark in mere a little more than a day’s time.

Sahil Sharma has already won several hearts with his debut song ‘Nede nede’ that was a part of the movie Yarran da Katchup which was followed by Aadtan with singer Gurnazar and later his solo song Goa love. All the songs by Sahil Sharma have been appreciated by the music lovers all over the world.

Sahil Sharma Rang Rasiya

Song Name – Rang Rasiya
Singer – Sahil Sharma and Aki Rhythmic
Lyrics and Composition – Aki Rhythmic
Music – Yaman Shastri
Music On :- T-Series

Sahil Sharma’s Rang Rasiya the touching love story 

Rang Rasiya’s each and every word penned down by Aki Rhythmic have been expressed with the equal intensity by Sahil Sharma’s heart rendering voice. The emotions have been kept intact in Sahil Sharma’s Rang Rasiya with the beautiful video picturised by Galaxy of Media. The song Rang Rasiya has been shot somewhere in Rajasthan and the actors wearing the traditional dresses virtually transport you to the topography within no time.

The video opens with a bridal scene where the bride is getting ready for her wedding. The opening couplet ‘Rang Rasiya Saavre… Mohe Saajan Preet sataye, Mori Ankhiyan Chain na aaye…’ expresses the deep pain in the heart of the person who is waiting anxiously for the love of his life. The starting may even confuse you as the girl gets married to some other person and later is seen with the singer Sahil Sharma (Attired as an army man). To ease your mind, just get indulged in the song itself and forget about the story that moves backwards.

Sans words the story of a family has been expressed very impressively that seems so realistic because we try to connect it with one or the other instances that we may have even heard or overheard ‘The bride of one brother getting married to the younger or elder brother in the family (Sometimes extended family) because of the sudden demise of the groom.’ Well here, the opening of the song and the following incidences may leave you surprised but the end will leave you in a dilemma to know the another part of the story.

Sahil Sharma’s Rang Rasiya| Official Video

It’s time to just let the soothing voice touch your heart and let the words get diluted in your soul to give a soothing effect.


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