RBI Introduces Rs. 200 Note in India | 7 Amazing Facts & High End Security Features

Rs. 200 new notes would be issued in India by RBI tomorrow. With introducing the new Rs 2o0 notes as the latest addition as the fourth new note in India post Demonetisation that took the nation by storm, what makes these new notes including the latest issue of Rs. 200 note different from older ones? What is it that still remains pending post Demonetisation introduction? Government along with the Reserve Bank of India has grown pretty strict so that no miscreant acts with new notes of various denominations shall undergo.

This is ensured via taking care of crafting and design along with printing these new notes like Rs. 200 notes incorporating latest high end security features in it. Let us take a look at what this latest issue of Rs. 200 note by RBI and Government has in store for us.

Here is a list of 7 Amazing High End Security Features of Rs. 200 New Note by RBI possesses :

1. Fluorescent Ink Printing on Rs. 200 note

The new note of Rs. 200 has been printed in an amazing eye catchy fluorescent ink of a tinge of orange which looks aesthetically amazing. The best part about printing these Rs. 200 new notes in fluorescent ink is that is is visible in the ultraviolet light when flashed onto it. Isn’t that cool???

2. Optical Fibres Used in Rs. 200 note

Woah! Now that is something guys. Who could imagine the use of optical fibres used in the telecommunication industries to have its application at a wider base in printing Rs. 200 new notes ? Yes that is so true. Rs. 200 new notes have optical fibres used in them which are again visible in the presence of an ultraviolet light source.

3. Colour-shifting Windowed Security Feature in Rs. 200 new note

The new note of Rs. 200 has an advanced security feature used in it via introduction of colour shifting windowed security thread which has been inscribed with भारत’ (India) along with the logo of RBI while mentioning the denomination it stands out for being Rs. 200 note. It is furthermore speculated that like Rs. 2000 notes a motif of Mangalyaan shall be used in Rs. 200 new note as well.

4. Mention of Mahatma Gandhi on Rs. 200 New Note

It is not a very unusual thing to have Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on an Indian currency note. So, what exactly makes this visual on Rs. 200 new note different its accessibility granted to even visually impaired individuals with an uplifted inscription ( just like Braille). This raised printing of Mahatama Gandhi visual along with the emblem of Ashoka Pillar is simply amazing.

5. Light & Shade Effect on Rs. 200 New Note

No, this is not in comparison with light and sound show you have been mesmerised with watching live or online. But synonymous to that, there is an incorporation of light and shade effect on Rs. 200 new note which is the latest issue by RBI in India. This security feature of observing the electrotype watermark and Gandhi visual on notes though is available on all the denominations available in India.

6. Floral Design on Rs. 200 New Note

The hollow front and the filled up back side of the new note of Rs. 200 has a specially designed floral portrait on it. Now, this is not a work of art, if you were thinking that. Break that thought process right in there as this floral design’s relevance is seen when it is seen against the light. We halt our research here on the new note of Rs. 200 and leave it on you to find out what you find when you see the floral design on Rs. 200 new note against the light.

7. Devnagari Used in Rs. 200 New Note

Sticking to the roots of ethnicity, the denomination numeral of Rs. 200 new note which is obviously “200” has been carefully printed in the Devnagari language. A move of patriotism ? A mere design ? Whatever you may perceive it as, we love the employability of Devnagari in printing Rs. 200 new note which shall be in circulation in India soon.

The latest design with the aforementioned high end security features this new rs. 200 note is bestowed with simply steals and melts our hearts away. We can’t wait for the launch of Rs. 200 new note in India by RBI and have this beauty in our wallets, can you ???

Source : OneIndia


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