Reserve Bank of India All Set To Release New Rs.20 & 500 Notes In India | Can You Spot The Difference ?

Reserve Bank of India is all set to launch the new notes of Rs. 20 & 50 denominations in India soon. The latest issue of RBI to release the new Rs. 20 notes in circulation of Indian National Rupees has caused havoc in the minds of people as they feel the “demonetisation phase” shall come back with a bang suddenly. Though such speculations are all falsified as the new launch of RBI’s Rs. 20 & 50 notes in India are not entirely different from what is being circulated in the name of what is flowing in the current times.

About New Rs. 20 & 500 Notes by RBI In India

The latest changes made by the RBI in Rs. 20 & 50 notes denomination of Indian National Rupees shall have minute amendments made to it making it a bit different from has been circulating and flowing in the commercial sale and purchase of items. The launch of Rs. 20 7 500 notes by the RBI is being done on the grounds of Mahatma Gandhi Series of 2005 also called as the ‘MG series 2005’ whilst the old ones would continue to be in circulation as per the legal tender introduced by the authorities. Well, not only these two denominations, if speculations are to be believed, it is widely said that Rs. 200 notes are also under the process of being printed by the Government of India with no official confirmation of its launch, distribution, and circulation by the sources.

New Rs. 20 & 500 Notes, Highlighted Differences

The highlighted differences in the new notes of Rs. 20 and 50 being issued by the RBI has visual evidences of the precise changes being made to them. The comparisons being drawn among Rs 20 notes from old to new reveal that the new notes printed under MG series of 2005 shall bear inset letter ‘S in the number panels available on both the sides. Apart from this, the new denomination of Rs 20 shall have the signatures of the present RBI Governor. Apart from all these changes made in Rs 20 notes, what remains intact is the design as printed from September 2016 onwards with the inset letter ‘R’ in it.

Also, what makes Rs. 500 notes after their latest issue post demonetisation is the latest bunch released with an inset letter ‘A’ in it. Likewise, the Rs 500 denomination also has RBI Governor’s signatures on it apart from having the year ‘2017’ printed on it in a reverse fashion.

Both the notes are legal according to reports, though with the aforementioned minute changes being made to the latest launch of Rs. 20 & 500 notes soon to be released by the Reserve Bank of India, let us see how evidently the differences can be spotted in them.

Source: BusinessToday


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