RC, Licence & Number Plates Made Mandatory for Rickshaws & Rehris in Chandigarh

Owning a rickshaw in Chandigarh will soon be nothing less than owning a car as the administration is all set to make it mandatory for rickshaws to have a registration certificate, a number plate as well as a driving license. Hold on, we are not talking about Auto-Rickshaws, but it is for cycle rickshaws which are driven with pedals. Surprised? Well it is true. Read on!

Chandigarh Administration had announced this thing around 5 months back but nothing was done in this regard. Now, suddenly the administration has announced that rickshaw pullers without licence and without proper RC or number plates on their rickshaw will be challaned.

Registration certificate for a rickshaw will cost Rs. 600 for a period of 5 years.

Driving License fee has been kept at Rs. 300 for up to 50 years.

Challan for Rickshaws in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Administration has announced that rickshaws without proper documents will be challaned. The challan amount has also been decided and announced by the administration:

  • First time challan = Rs. 300
  • Second time challan = Rs. 400
  • Third or any consecutive challan = Rs. 500.

The notification does not only apply to rickshaws but also applies to rehris as well. So, every rickshaw or rehri puller will have to get a licence from the authorities and even get a special number plate affixed on his rickshaw or rehri.

A police officer from the Chandigarh Traffic Police wing or a Chandigarh Municipal Corporation official will have the authority to impound a cycle, rickshaw or rehri which does not have valid documents. Such rickshaws or rehris will only be released after the person has paid the fine.

A first in Chandigarh

While many might still be in shock that such a thing is actually happening in the city, we guess Chandigarh is again the first city in India to get such a thing implemented. No one will be able to drive a rickshaw or rehri on city roads without proper documents. Chandigarh traffic police is known to challan numerous cars & bikes daily. but now the number is going to increase further as all rickshaws and rehris will fall under this category.  

This has been done under the law called Chandigarh Cycle, Rickshaw & loading rehri bylaw.


Ajay Deep

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