This Is The Reason Why Renault Kwid Was Recalled In India | Check If Your Car Needs To Be Fixed

Problem with the Steering System of the Renault Kwid has been identified and if needed will be fixed by the company free of cost

Renault Kwid has been one of the hottest cars launched by the company in the Indian market and it has been selling like hot cakes ever since. However, the hugely successful car was recalled by the company a few days back to address an issue. Renault claims that the reason why these Kwid cars were recalled is that they have found an issue with the Steering system of the car and want to fix it for their customers. If you own a Kwid then we strongly suggest you take your car to the nearest Renault service center.

Renault Kwid Recall Only Applies To The 800cc Variants

The car was recalled by the company to address an issue with the steering wheel but ironically though only the 800cc variants have been recalled. This is surprising since the 1000cc car too uses the same power steering components and none of the owners of the Renault Kwid 1000cc have been notified as of yet. The exact problem with the steering system is not known and the company has notified the owners of all the affected units to book an appointment with the nearest Renault dealer.

The Renault Kwid was recalled earlier too to inspect a problem with the fuel delivery system and this is the second time a recall at such a scale has happened for the car. The company workshops will inspect the talked about parts in the steering wheel system and will make all the fixes or repairs for free if they find something wrong. We strongly recommend that you take your Kwid to the nearest Renault dealership to ensure your safety while driving the car.

Renault Kwid 1.0-litre and Datsun Cars Use The Same Components

Renault and Nissan have a partnership when it comes to their models for India and Datsun is Nissan’s entry level brand in the Indian market. The Renault Kwid uses the same steering system mechanism that the 1.0-litre Kwid does which is also present in the Datsun cars like the RediGO, GO and GO+. However, none of the other cars mentioned above have been affected by the issue and there has been no statement by other either. The repair work will be free of cost to the owner and Renault will bear all the expenses for fixes on your Kwid 8000cc.


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