Red Light Cars in Chandigarh | Only These 4 Officials Can Use Them

The Chandigarh Administration is all set with a new list of the dignitaries and senior officers who will be authorized to use the red beacon in the city. Till now, all the officials above secretary rank in the UT were using the red beacon. But from now onwards only 3 type of people will be allowed the use of red light on top their cars.

These 3 type of officials include:

  • UT administrator,
  • UT adviser
  • The chief justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • Judges of High Court

Ony the above 4 officials can use the red beacon flashing in the city beautiful Chandigarh. The order has been issued with the immediate effect in Chandigarh.

According to the new orders:

According to the new orders, it has been clarified that how strict the Chandigarh administration is in terms of its rules and regulations. Mention below are the details of the dignitaries and the beacon they can use atop of the vehicle.

  • Amber light (with flasher)– MP (Member of Parliament) Chandigarh, Mayor, IAS/ IPS officers, IGP, DC/ DM of Chandigarh, District and Session judge of Chandigarh, SSP and fire tenders can only make use of this light from now onwards.
  • Amber light (without flasher)– This light is to be used by ADC, SDMs, SPs, DSPs, additional district and session judges of Chandigarh.
  • Blue light (with flasher)– It is to be used by the enforcement staff when on duty and senior officers of the excise and taxation department and transport department, all the police vehicles assigned duties of emergency, pilots, escorts, law and order as well as the ambulance in Chandigarh.

And it has been clearly mentioned that the beacon will only be used, if the vehicle has been carrying the dignitary/ officer. If not, then the beacon shall not be used or be covered.

Why such decision?

In November last year, a RTI activist has put forward the issue of ‘indiscriminate use’ of red beacons over the vehicles of political and official functionaries across the country. He had also written for the same to the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister. Taking the same into consideration, the Supreme Court has taken this decision. Following the direction of the Supreme Court, UT Administration has passed the order in the city. Although the notification was cleared by the UT administrator 2 months ago, but because of the MC Poll of conduct it was kept on hold.

With the New Year, the city beautiful is experiencing all new changes not only in the city but also in the rules and regulation followed by the administration.


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