Reliance Big TV Takes on Tata Sky & Airtel | Offers 1 Year Absolutely Free – Here’s How to Avail

Reliance Big TV HD HEVC smart set top box enables you to watch your favorite content from the Internet.

Reliance Big TV today announced that they will offer HD channels free of cost for 1 year if you buy their new HD HEVC set top box. Anil Ambani’s Big TV has tried to take a similar approach like major telecom operators in the country by using an ‘effective price’ strategy. According to the company the customers buying their new smart set top box will get effective cashbacks after set period of intervals thus essentially making the box free. Reliance Big TV here has tried to do something which JIO 4G did with the JIO Feature Phone.

How Can You Get HD Channels For Free On Reliance Big TV?

Reliance Big TV has announced that it is offering HD Channels free of cost for 1 year to the people buying its new HD HEVC set top box. Along with that they will also get 500 Free to Air Channels with no extra cost for a period of five years. This is by far the most revolutionary offer that a Dish Operator has announced in India and might do wonders for Reliance Big TV.

However, the only terms and condition here is that you will have to pay 499 Rupees as pre booking charges and 1499 Rupees as booking charges when the set top box is installed at your home. You will also be charges a fee of 250 Rupees as installation fees for your Reliance Big TV’s HD HEVC set top box.

Services will be offered free of cost for one year and then the customer has to maintain a monthly recharge of 300 Rupees for two years. This will make the customer eligible for a cash back after a total period of 36 months worth Rupees 1999 from Reliance Big TV. Another way to look at it is that you still have to recharge your dish with at least 7200 Rupees (300 each month for 24 months) to avail the feeble cash back.

Reliance Big TV has been struggling in the competitive market where key players like Tata Sky and Airtel Dish TV dominate the competition. New regional players like Fast Way Dish TV in Northern India and Sun TV are also making it difficult for Reliance to make profits with the Big TV department.

Reliance Big TV Brings Smart Set Top Box After Airtel Introduced An Android Based Box

Although the on demand video service in India hasn’t really caught on with the mass customer yet, key services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix along with Hooq and Hotstar have been spoiling the audience for good. This has opened a huge market for Operators to introduce smart boxes which can support these applications which offer a variety to the set top box customer. Reliance Big TV’s HD HEVC set top box comes with support for the YouTube app among others. There is also a USB port for people who want to play their downloaded content on TV’s without USB support. However, we would recommend that you have an internet connection with at least 4Mbps speed to enjoy the high speed content.


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