Reliance Jio Launches HD Channels on Web Version of Jio TV and Jio Cinema | Know How to Watch Jio TV Online

Reliance Jio has launched a web version of its live streaming Jio TV service. Jio-TV is the Jio’s second service to have a web version after Jio cinema. Jio-TV will allow the users to watch all live TV shows using an internet browser. The interface of web versions of both Jio TV and Jio Cinema appear similar to the Android and iOS apps.

Watch HD channels in Regional language on Jio TV

The website of Jio TV shows all the categories of TV channels including entertainment, news, movies and sports. Ji0-TV comes with an option to filter out the High Definition (HD) channels from the regular channels. The web version also allows users to view TV channels in their preferred regional language. Jio-TV also has a catch-up feature that allows the viewers to watch the video content of the last seven days.

Now watch your Favourite TV channels on Jio TV

To use the web version of Jio TV or Jio Cinema, users will need to login to the respective websites using a Jio ID and password. Users should also be subscribed to a Jio mobile network in order to access the web versions of Jio-TV and Jio Cinema. The Jio-TV web version will allow the users to view their favorite TV channels even when they are connected to a Wi-Fi network or other mobile networks.

Live sports could be a major factor behind the launch of Jio-TV’s web version. The live sports service providers like Hotstar are getting a good response from viewers who prefer watching live sports on the web. Jio users will now be able to view their favorite TV channels on bigger screens using the web version of Jio TV. On the other hand, Jio Cinema allows the users to watch any of the movies listed on Jio Cinema.

Currently, the Reliance Jio-TV does not provide dedicated app support for Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick or Apple TV. Earlier, in June this year, the Jio TV iOS App got a facelift to be used on iPhone and iPad.



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