Reliance Jio to Provide Free Wi-Fi to Technical Institutions & Colleges in Punjab

Reliance Jio in Punjab state would never stop making headlines for all it is doing is, creating a brand and encashing it like no one else. This time in a great news of providing its free Wi-Fi services to the technical institutions of the Punjab state, Reliance Jio is all set to deliver its promise of providing “free wala internet” in terms of Wi-Fi services being made available to them free of cost.

Reliance Jio’s MoU with Punjab State

Signing an official Memorandum of Understanding with the Punjab state, Reliance Jio is all set to provide free Wi-Fi facility to all the technical institutions of the state. Ranging from ITI’s to Engineering colleges in polytechnical institutes running under the Punjab Governance, Reliance Jio’s free Wi-fi facility would be freely available for all the students studying in all the above-mentioned institutions.

Highlights about the Reliance Jio’s Free Wi-Fi scheme 

  • All technical institutes to have the Reliance Jio offer scheme in Punjab region
  • To ensure efficient utilisation, blocking of objectionable websites to be done
  • Students only be made to access educational websites under the scheme
  • Reliance Jio’s scheme to aid students in their education and academics
  • The motto is to build up a community that promotes digitisation and cashless transactions
  • Reliance Jio to bear the entire cost of setting up infrastructure and provide free Wi-fi/internet
  • Principals of respective colleges have been notified regarding the Reliance Jio’s efforts in Punjab
  • Colleges to set up secured areas & other important equipment for network installation

Reliance Jio’s Punjab dominance

Announcing a ‘Telecom War’ against all the leading networks of Punjab like Airtel, Connect etc, Reliance Jio in Punjab state has once again proven that nothing can beat the marketing the way they do it. “Catching them young”, going forth with this motto, Reliance Jio’s offer of providing free internet facility and infrastructure has been welcomed by all be it state authorities, technical education departments, colleges or students.

Who would have thought that going to a technical institution in Punjab region could turn out to be an opportunity worth looking out for? Making the impossible possible, Reliance’s efforts in making Jio reach all is simply commendable.

Free internet facility for students in technical institutes and colleges of Punjab. Well, that’s a news!!! Which student would now mind attending his college and not bunking it when apart from studies, they are getting to have an access to the amazing high-speed internet ruling the entire India that too absolutely free of cost. If I were one, I wouldn’t at least.

Source : NDTV

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