Reliance Jio Phone | 10 Amazing Features That You Need To Know

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani unveiled the Jio Phone in the Reliance Industries AGM 2017. The Jio Phone is a 4G feature phone and It is called the India Ka Smartphone by the Chairman Mukesh Ambani. The Jio Phone is a feature 4G phone that comes with all needed apps and features. The price of the Jio Phone is just Rs.1500 and this price will be refunded after 3 years. This means Jio Phone is Free of Cost. The first sale of Jio Phone has stopped but it will resumes shortly.

Jio Phone Price and Booking & Registration

The price of Jio Phone is Rs.1500 and this amount is refundable after 3 years. One can book the Jio Phone via Jio official Website and via My Jio App. The registrations of Jio Phone started a week ago and on August 25, the booking of the phone starts. But after a day Jio pauses the bookings of the phone. The booking of Jio Phone will resume after some day. The registrations are on and you can register yourself for Jio Phone. once it will be available you will be notified. Buyers can order the Jio Phone with Rs.500 and rest of the amount will be paid after the delivery of the phone.

10 Awesome Features & Specifications of Jio Phone

1. The Jio Phone Price is 0. At first, you will have to give Rs.1500 but this amount will be refunded to you after 3 years. So what you pay will be refunded to you after 3 years.

2. Jio Phone is a feature phone but this doesn’t mean that it is just like all another feature phone. Jio Phone comes with a larger screen. Jio Phone supports 4G network and in Rs.1500 users will be able to use 4G sim.

3. Jio Phone is a feature 4G phone that doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet and all other apps. In Jio Phone you can use all apps of Jio and many other apps

4. Calling is always free on Jio Phone. You can call anywhere in India without any extra call. You just have to recharge your number with the available packages.

5. On Jio Phone you can use the unlimited internet too. Although after the daily data usage limit the speed reduces but the internet doesn’t stop.

6. The Jio Phone is a Made in India Phone that’s why it is also called as India ka Smartphone. It is created by the team of Indian Engineers for all Indians.

7. Jio Phone comes with a feature with which you can connect it to a TV too with an innovative cable link. This will allow users to watch movies and other videos directly on TV via Jio Phone.

8. This 4G feature phone Jio Phone supports Voice Commands which is the best part of it. To call anyone you just have to give the voice command.

9. There are many recharge pack for Jio Phone. But you can recharge with all Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Packs to get more data.

10. The phone has a 2.4-inch display and you can play the Jio Cinema app on it. With Jio Cinema app you can easily watch movies.

Apart from all above-mentioned features of Jio Phone, the phone also gives an option for SOS calls. you can make an SOS call on Jio Phone by just pressing 5. Jio Phone comes with NFC feature too with which you can easily make payments.

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