Reliance Jio Plan 49 for Jio Phone Offers Unlimited Calls & Data For 28 Days

1GB Daily Data Plan of Jio now Offers 1.5GB daily data with free calls

Last week Reliance Jio announced special offers for all its prepaid users and Jio Phone users. The telecom operator also announced a new plan for all Jio Phone Users. The new plan introduced by the telecom operator is the Rs.49 plan. This is the cheapest monthly plan of the operator under which the company is offering free data usage and free unlimited calls. Check all details of the Plan 49 of Jio under which the Jio Phone users will get Unlimited calls and data.

Reliance Jio 49 Plan With Unlimited calls and Data

Under the new plan 49 for all Reliance Jio Phone users, the company is offering free unlimited calls and data. All calls are free in the Reliance Jio new plan 49. All roaming calls, all STD calls, and local calls are free and unlimited. Apart from free calls users will get unlimited data usage. The high-speed data usage is 1GB and after 1GB unlimited data usage with low speed.

Reliance Jio 98 Plan – Most affordable Plan

With the recent changes in all the plans of Jio, the plan 98 has become the most affordable plan for all prepaid users. The 98 plan of Jio offers 2GB Data with high-speed. After the usage of 2GB data free unlimited data usage will be there at a low speed. The plan 98 of Jio offers unlimited calls too with free SMS. The validity of plan 98 is 28 days.

1GB Daily Data Usage Plan of Jio Changed to 1.5GB Daily Data Usage

All the Jio Plans that offers 1GB Data per day is now changed to 1.5GB data per day. The plan of Jio that now offers 1.5GB data per day are Plan 149, Plan 349, Plan 399 and Plan 449. Plan 149 of Jio offers 42GB data, Plan 349 offers 105GB data, Plan 399 offers 126GB data and Plan 449 of Jio offers 136GB data. The validity of 149 plan of Jio is 28 days, 349 plan has 70 days, Plan 399 has 84 days validity and Plan 449 has a 91 days validity. Calls are free in this plan.

1.5GB Daily Data Usage Plan Changed to 2GB Daily Data Usage Plans

All the plans of Jio that earlier offers 1.5GB data daily are now changed to 2GB data daily. The plan 198 of Jio now offers 56GB data with a validity of 28 days. Plan 398 of Jio offers 140GB data with a validity of 70 days. Plan 448 of Jio offers 168GB data for 84 days and Plan 498 of Jio offers 182GB data for 91 days. All calls are free in these plans.

2GB & 3GB Daily Data Usage Plans Changed to 3GB & 4GB Daily Data Usage Plans

Jio Plan 299 is also changed. The plan earlier offers 2GB daily data is now offering 3GB daily data. The total data is 84GB with a validity of 28 days. Reliance Jio Plan 509 is also changed and it now offers 4GB daily data instead of 3GB daily data usage. The validity of 509 plan of Jio is 28 days.



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