Reliance Jio Set to Launch Its Own VR App in 2018 & Here’s What It’s All About

Since the Launch of Reliance Jio, the Telecommunication Industry has been going through several changes. As per new media reports, Reliance is planning to launch a new Virtual App in the coming year. This news came after the news of alleged collaboration of Reliance Jio with the experts at Birmingham City University established in England came out.

Reliance to Collaborate With Experts at Birmingham City University To Develop New VR App

As per the recent updates, Reliance is planning to collaborate with the experts in England at Birmingham City University to develop the new Virtual Reality Application in the coming year of 2018. Recently the heads of Reliance Jio visited England to see how the study of Next-generation Virtual Reality is progressing at the University. Also, the media reports came out stating that the Founder and Managing Director of the PhilmCGI also visited the senior academics of the University to expand the knowledge of progress in the training of the next-gen virtual reality.

PhilmCGI basically is the animation studio based in Mumbai and Pune. This is the company that deals with producing the computer-generated images and visual effects services in movies and televisions. This is the one company that deals with the biggest studios based in Europe and Asia and is looking forward to expanding the technology to the VR and Augment Reality features.

With this collaboration, Reliance Jio is looking forward to developing a Virtual Reality App for India in the coming year of 2018. In case the collaboration succeeds and the plan for the new VR App turns into reality, Reliance will become the first company in the Telecommunication industry to develop the VR that is Virtual Reality feature in their application.

Reliance Jio has discovered loads of new features in India and the vision that this company beholds is to make a revolutionary change in the Telecommunication Industry in India. Reliance has become one of the leading names in the Telecom Industry of India. After the introduction of 4g Jio, now the company is all set to collaborate with the England University to develop the Virtual Reality features for the Jio App. After the success of developing the VR feature, Reliance Jio will become first Telecom Company to launch the Virtual Reality feature in its app.

Source – Indian Express 


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