Reliance JioPhone Explodes While Charging | Company Says it is a Case of Intentional Sabotage

With companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple struggle to deal with cases of the explosion of smartphones, Reliance may be the latest newcomer to the list giving all credits to the newly launched JioPhone. The cause of the worries starts to emerge when one unit of the JioPhone blasted during charging in Kashmir, just when the company started rolling out the delivery of JioPhone across the country against the heavy amount of registrations carried out in August.

As per a report by PhoneRadar, one unit of JioPhone exploded from the back during charging in Kashmir. While the front panel of the Reliance JioPhone remains untouched, according to some of the information revealed during an inspection by an LYF distributor, the battery of the product was intact and functional. According to some of the websites, this can also be seen as an under the table work by one of the many competitors of Reliance Jio.

A spokesperson from Reliance Retail has claimed that JioPhones are made keeping the global standards needed for the mobile manufacturing as a deep concern which rules out the possibility of such an explosion. With stringent quality check process for every unit of Reliance JioPhone, the initial investigation suggests that this is a case of intentional sabotage. The company further assured that there is nothing wrong with the unit itself and the timing of the incident suggests that someone is trying to “malign the brand”. Reliance has assured that a proper investigation will be carried out to find out the real reason for the explosion.

Reasons for Reliance JioPhone Explosion

The report says that had this been a case of faulty battery, the Reliance JioPhone would have been exploded too in the process, but is still functional. According to images that surfaced online, the charging cable end of the charger used for charging the Reliance JioPhone was burnt which suggests that the cause of the explosion be the faulty charger. The possibility of the incident being a deliberate attempt has also been mentioned in the report. With the melted charger, we don’t expect the device to get enough power to charge itself. Compared to the regular feature phones, the Reliance JioPhone also features a slightly bigger battery of 2000mAh capacity.


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