Reliance JioPhone Terms And Conditions | Know Refund Policy, Warranty & Other Details

JioPhone is finally here. Reliance Jio is claiming that it will deliver more than 6 million units of the budget 4G feature phone JioPhone before Diwali. The delivery of JioPhone has already started. Up to now, there is no date declared by the company for the second round of booking of Jio Phone. But it is expected that the JioPhone Pre-Booking will resume shortly in the coming days. Reliance Jio has added all terms and conditions about the Jio Phone.

Here are the few important terms and Conditions of JioPhone which you all need to know. The company claims that Reliance Jio Phone is effectively free of cost. Rs.1500 is the refundable deposit which can be taken back after 3 years. People who booked the Jio Phone will have to pay Rs.500 and on the time of delivery of phone rest of the amount i.e Rs.1000 has to be paid.

Reliance JioPhone – Return Policy

If the phone has tampered it will not be included in warranty. Rooting attempts on Jio phone, reverse engineering, unlocking or jail-breaking of the JioPhone of the JioPhone is not included in the warranty. The company will not refund the amount if any of these found. The company will only take the Jio Phone back if it is in the same condition when it was bought.

Early Return of JioPhone – The one and the only way to get the refund of Rs.1500 is to return back the phone after 36 months or 3 years. If you return the phone in between 12 months or 1 year, the company will charge Rs.1500 and GST. So you will lose all your security deposit if you try to return it back in 12 months. If you want to return it back after 12 months up to 24 months then the company will deduct Rs.1000 from the deposit. If you want to return the phone after 24 months and before 36 months then the company will charge you Rs.500. The only way to get the full refund is to return the phone after the completion of 36 months or 3 years.

JioPhone Conditions for Return – Customers will get the full refund if they return the phone after 3 years. But there is another thing that is to be noticed and that is it is clearly written under all terms and conditions of JioPhone that buyers will have to return the phone after 36 months and before the expiry of 39 months. The phone is accepted for return if it is in good condition and should not be damaged. Before returning it back customers will have to remove all the data from the phone.

Reliance JioPhone – Other Conditions(Minimum Recharge Policy)

For the use of JioPhone, there are also some conditions. The buyer of JioPhone will have to recharge the phone with Rs.1500 per year which means a total of Rs.4500 for 3 years. If the person is not able to do the same then Jio will take the phone back. Per Annum, the buyer has to recharge the phone minimum with Rs.1500. The monthly recharge for JioPhone is of Rs.153.

Reliance JioPhone – Sim Locked

The JioPhone is sim locked phone which means that no other sim than Jio can be used in the JioPhone. The phone comes bundled with Jio Sim and you can’t use any other sim in the phone. The user of JioPhone can not sell or assign the JioPhone to any other.

Source – Indian Express



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