Renault Captur | After Duster, Renault India is Again Eyeing to Capture Indian Market Through Captur

Renault captur (pronounced ‘capture’) has been in the news since it was unveiled and soon it be launched in India. Renault has tasted success in the indian market with the duster that created a storm in the compact suv segment and now it hopes to do the trick again with the all new renault captur. The highly popular car that has been on sale in the european subcontinent since 2013 will finally hit the indian shore this festive season. Although the price of the new car by Renault has been kept very reasonable for the Indian roads.

What are the new features from Renault in its new Car Captur?

The renault captur follows a heavily designed approach when it comes to the exterior. The design and cues are comparable to that of the xuv500. The focus of the designers was probably to make the car stand out from the duster that is built on the very same platform but is 14mm shorter. Renault has gone all out in terms of the exterior that consists of LED headlamps and fog lamps that will also serve as the cornering lights. A faux skid plate has been added to the rear to make the renault captur look more rugged. However inside it is a completely different story. The touch buttons and switches seem to be carried from the duster which never felt premium in the first place and the quality of the plastics looks just about satisfactory and not something that we have been used to in this segment of cars. The placement of gear knob feels inappropriate and plastics are cheap. The infotainment system is also shared with the duster and has nothing to boast about. In 2017 when even something as small as the ignis features apple carplay and android auto the renault captur gave it a miss which feels like an opportunity lost to me.

Seating three passengers in the back seat of the renault captur  won’t be a problem as the seat is pretty wide. The taller passengers however may feel cramped in this car due to very high positioning of the rear seat. The rear seats cannot be adjusted at all. The renault Captur also does not get 60:40 split seats but the rear seat can be folded down completely.

Tried & tested engines from the renault duster

When it comes to the engines we get the old engines found on the duster, the 1.5-litre H4K 105 Bhp petrol engine and a 110 Bhp 1.5-litre K9K diesel engine. However only the diesel is to be available at the time of the launch with no all wheel drive option for now. This engine feels sluggish for something the size of renault captur. The clutch feels heavy and can be a pain to use in city traffic.

Renault captur Scores good on safety

On the plus side though Renault Captur features dual airbags, ABS, infotainment system, alloy wheels, and auto climate control as standard across the range which is a welcome move.

On road Price in India of New Renault Captur

In terms of price expect the  renault captur to be priced above the duster at a premium of 3-4 lakhs. That translates to an approximate 15 lakhs of on road price. With that kind of premium over the duster and still the seating capacity of five makes little sense for the indian car buyer.

Bookings of the renault captur commenced yesterday and the deliveries are expected to begin around the festive season. The customers can book the suv using the renault captur application on their mobile phones and paying an initial amount of 25000 INR.


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