Renault Captur Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Jeep Compass | Engine, Looks, Features & Price Comparison

The Renault Captur has managed to turn quite a few heads ever since Renault took the sheets off from its new product for India. Sitting above the already popular Duster in the company’s portfolio, the Renault Captur is Renault’s  second compact SUV. It has the same five seating capacity of the duster and is also built on the same platform however it is 14mm longer than its sibling.

Renault Captur against rivals

While the new SUV gears for a launch near Diwali the bookings have already begun on September 22. We thought it was the right time to pit it against its key rivals and see if it really sounds like a good deal to the Indian car buyer.

We compared it to the Creta and Compass who the Captur will compete.

Renault Captur Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Jeep Compass: Looks Comparison

In the terms of looks all the three cars have a different approach. The jeep looks rugged and muscular and follows a sophisticated design approach. The Hyundai Creta is based on the same fluidic platform and hence gets the signature lines and curves that we have come to expect of Hyundai. The Renault Captur, however, is heavily designed and has a lot going on in terms of design. It feels as if the designers went all out to make the car cosmetic. The only heavily car apart from the Captur is the xuv500. The jeep is also the highest and the longest in the segment

Renault Captur Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Jeep Compass: Engine Comparison

The Captur gets a 108bhp & 142nm of torque diesel engine from the duster which feels a little sluggish for something the size of this car.

The Hyundai Creta comes in with three diesel options and the maximum power is achieved through a 1.6 litre diesel which is also used in the Verna. The engine is smooth but has low torque.

The most powerful is undoubtedly the jeep compass that features the new fiat 2 litre turbocharged diesel that makes 170bhp and 350nm of torque. It also comes in with a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Renault Captur Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Jeep Compass: Features Comparison

The Jeep offers a very sporty interior which manages to look sophisticated at the same time. it has a 7” touchscreen that offers android auto and apple car play mated to an 8 speaker system. Most of the features in the compass are part of the standard package whereas the Hyundai Creta’s premium features are specific only to the top end variants. It does not even have an armrest for the base variants. The touchscreen offers similar features to that of the compass and offers 1gtb of onboard storage. In terms of interiors, has the most well laid out cabin.

Coming to the new guy in the competition we do not know as of yet what will be featured in the standard package but the top end variant doesn’t get much either. The touchscreen sadly is pretty basic and is carried from the duster along several other parts. It does not even get apple carplay and android auto. The interiors feel as from a car below a segment and the quality of plastics is cheap.

Renault Captur Vs Hyundai Creta Vs Jeep Compass Price Comparison

The jeep compass surprised the people when it launched last month with an outstanding price of 14-22 lakhs. The Hyundai Creta starts from  9.25 to 14.4 lakhs. Now keeping in mind that Renault Captur already has a five-seater compact SUV in its portfolio it will try to price the Captur above duster so as to not hurt the sales. Expect the Captur to get an on-road price of 14 lakhs.


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