You Will No Longer Be Able To Buy These Renault Cars in India – Pulse, Scala, Fluence, And Koleos

Renault India Pulse, Scala, Fluence and Koleos have become a part of history in the Indian automotive market. The French automaker has discontinued these four models due to the lack of interest shown by the Indian customers over the years. The Renault India brand came into the Indian country some six years ago and has arguably been the mind behind the compact SUV segment. Renault Duster forced all other major companies to build compact SUV’s which were then not available in India. The competition by Renault in india resulted in the Ford Ecosport and Maruti Brezza.

Why Renault India discontinued the Pulse, Scala, Fluence and Koleos in India?

Renault India saw initial success when the Pulse and Scala in the country and the two cars were widely appreciated. The Pulse had a more powerful engine than its competitors in the hatchback segment and drove sales for the brand. The Renault Scala still has class-leading space in the C-segment sedan category and can still rival the likes of Honda City and Maruti Ciaz when we talk about the roomier cabin.

The mechanical and the features both offered a decent package. What did go wrong, however, was that Renault India in the six years of its operations in India never launched a facelift. The Scala and Pulse are still the same cars apart from minor changes to the headlamps or tail lamps. The features of the Renault cars are not 2017 standard and the interiors look pretty 2010. The cars soon felt outdated and buying these Renault India started making little sense to the Indian buyer.

Renault India Pulse and Scala were the twins of Nissan Micra and Sunny.

The Scala and the Pulse from Renault India were built along with the Micra and Sunny from Nissan. These four cars were based on two different platforms and were jointly made as a part of Renault-Nissan’s strategic partnership. The Nissan Micra and Nissan Sunny both did better than the Renault Pulse and Renault Scala. The reason was that both the Nissan cars were launched prior to the Renault India brand and had already established a god market space. Along with that Nissan made sure to offer facelifts more often than the Renault cars. However, Renault India had a similar advantage with the Duster over Nissan’s Terrano which was launched much later after Duster had established itself.

Renault India after discontinuing the Scala, Pulse, Fluence and Koleos will focus on the Renault Lodgy, Duster and the Renault Kwid. The Lodgy and the Duster are built on the same platform while the Kwid is immensely popular amog the smallest cars in the country. Renault India is also prepping to launch the Captur in the Indian Market and it will be interesting to see what difference that makes to the popularity of the Renault brand.

You can read about the upcoming Renault Captur here:

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