Reloaded Renault Kwid ‘Special Edition’ with 10 New Features Launched at Rs. 2.66 Lakh

Automaker Renault has launched the ‘Special Edition’ Kwid in India that comes with more features. The special edition 2018 Renault Kwid will be available across all the variants of the Kwid lineup. Currently, the automaker has three variants in the Kwid lineup. While Renault offers only manual transmission in the smaller 0.8-liter engine fo the Kwid, the bigger 1.0-litre engine comes with both, the manual, as well as, the automatic transmission option.

Added feature in the new special edition Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid special edition has been launched in India with reloaded features. It has been reported that the automaker will update all the existing variants to offer the 2018 special edition Kwid. Three variants in which Kwid will be offered are – 0.8L (manual), 1.0L (manual and automatic transmission). The new special edition Kwid models will come with as many as 10 new enhancements. No additional premium will have to be paid by the consumers for the limited edition Kwid.

Price of the new special edition Renault Kwid

Automaker Renault India launched the new special edition of the Kwid, one of the most affordable cars in the country. The new 2018 Kwid comes loaded with various cosmetic changes.

The Kwid has been priced at a starting price of Rs 2.67 lakh(ex-showroom, Delhi). The special edition of the Kwid will be available in both 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre engine options. While the Manual Transmission option starts at Rs. 2.67 lakh the Automated Manual Transmission option of the Kwid starts at Rs 3.88 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Additional technical feature of the Kwid 2018

As per the automaker, the special edition Kwid will come with 10 new features. These features have been added to the interior as well as to the interior of the popular hatchback.  The additions that have been done to the Kwid will not only add the exterior styling of the car but will also enhance the cabin. The special edition Kwid also comes with few technical advancement. The Kwid 2018 gets a reverse parking sensor which is one of the key additions in the car. Reverse parking sensors is one of the safety features that offers ease of parking, especially at tight spaces.

Specifications of the Special Edition Kwid

The SUV inspired design of the small hatch is the most appealing factor of the Renault Kwid which further gets highlighted with steel silver grille inserts, checkered-flag graphics, dual-tone roof rails and electric lime accents on wheel covers and wing mirrors in the new edition.


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