Punjab Tableau at Republic Day 2017 Parade To Feature “Jago”

It have been 4 years that we missed tableau of Punjab in the Republic day parade of New Delhi. The Punjab Government is all set to feature its traditional form in a parade on the occasion of 68th Republic Day. Rajpath will all be decorated with the colors of punjabi wedding by showcasing the tableau on 26th January 2017. The tableau theme of Punjab state on the occasion of R-Day 2017 is ‘Jago’ that means wake up. Punjab has participated in the Republic day parade at Rajpath in the year 2012 with the theme of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The Decoration of Jago

The main aim to pick up this theme is to bring on the focus of India to the lil known folk dance of the beautiful state ‘Punjab’. All the decoration of the tableau in the 68th Republic day will be purely based on the traditional way of Punjab.

  • The front side of the tableau will display 4 women wrapped in traditional dresses and performing the traditional dance of Punjab.
  • The rear part of tableau will showcase a traditionally decorated village house of the state.
  • Side part will be decorated with traditional folk motifs of a wedding house in the rural area of Punjab.
  • All the artists will be seen celebrating the punjabi wedding by performing ‘Jago’.

One can enjoy the folk music as well as the dance of Punjab performed by the artists of the state.

What is ‘Jago’?

‘Jago’ is a punjabi word, that means wake up. ‘Jago’ is one of the folk dance that has been performed a day before wedding in Punjab. It involves a pot (gaggar), that has been decorated with candles and carried on the head of the women followed by dancing and singing the songs by the other family members. The ceremony starts with the women dressed in the traditional outfit ‘Ghaghara’ and passing on the pot to rest of the family members where they take their turn in the ‘Jago’.

Get indulge with the traditional colors of Punjab this Republic day celebration parade on Rajpath, New Delhi.


Gurjit Kaur

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